Prostitution Bust at Springfield Township Red Roof Inn- Six Arrested!

News by Riya Published on 02 Aug,2017 Updated on 02 Aug,2017

The FBI and Summit County Investigators arrested six in a ''Prostitution Bust'' at the Red Roof Inn on Arlington Road on July 31st, Monday night. Inspector Bill Holland of the Summit County Sheriff's Office revealed the bust is a part of an ongoing effort across the country to crack down on human trafficking. 

Trying to explain the operation further, Inspector Holland said:

"We are at the point in the investigation where we try to determine, through interviews and investigation, if they are being forced into the sex trade.''

It is not known if the arrested six women were forced into sex trade. Police reports state that the all six women posted ads saying ''Women seeking men'' on a website called

Prostitution bust in Springfield

Prostitution Bust in Springfield is under fire as per Senate's recent legislation which dictates websites that facilitate criminal trafficking intentionally, can be held liable.

The six women arrested in Springfield Township Red Roof Inn are facing obstruction of justice and soliciting currently.