Proof that Actress Jaz Sinclair is dating Justice Smith! Exclusive Details

News by Saburo Published on 25 May,2017 Updated on 26 Jul,2017

The Into Dust actress Jasmine Sinclair Sabino professionally known as Jaz Sinclair is still studying at the Dallas University. However, she is not a regular college student.

The 22-year-old actress is Hollywood established with a steady fan following that is curious to know more about her dating life.  If you are one of them, we've got some exclusive details for you!

Is Jaz Sinclair Really Dating Justice Smith?

Jaz Sinclair and Justice Smith played together in the movie Paper Town,  the great chemistry between the actors prompted dating rumors quickly. They say there's no smoke without fire, was there any fire at all in this case?

Jaz Sinclair and Justice Smith

Jaz Sinclair and Justice Smith


As a matter of fact, there was. They spent lots of time together. Jaz has praised Smith many times as he was new in the industry. All these signs undoubtedly point toward a new love story.

Jaz Sinclair and Justice Smith

Jaz Sinclair and Justice Smith

Source: celebrity pictures

Even though they haven't confirmed their relationship in public, Justice, and Jaz have been spotted together on many times, like on October 16, 2015, at ANDPOP. Seems like they just don't want to come out as a couple!

Do you think these two just come out as a couple? Well, we do! They look so cute and happy together after all.

What is Jaz Sinclair's Newest Project?

The young actress from Dallas will be working in the new Sylvain White directed horror thriller Slender Man along with some of the renowned actors such as Joey King, Captain Fantastic actress Annalise Basso, Talitha Bateman and Alex Fitzalan.

The movie co-produced with Mythology Entertainment, MadHouse Entertainment and It Is No Dream Entertainment will be on theater from May 18th, 2018. Best wishes to the star for the movie!