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Pratigya Tamang, presently known as Promise Tamang Phan. She was born in a beautiful country Nepal(Gorkha District). She is widely known as The Human Chameleon She grew up in Nepal with her grandfather. She loves animals, birds. She was in Nepal for about 15 years and moved to the U.S. and she became popular on the Internet basically on youtube. She is titled "YOUTUBE MAKEUP GURU". She also loved to dance basically Nepali culture dance, Hip-hop, and breakdance.

Early Life Of Promise Tamang

Promise Tamang was born on July 29, 1989. She is  Nepalese-American belonging to Asian ethnic background.

She wanted to keep bat as a pet since her childhood. Later she kept bat and named him Dumbo (Derived from Lata(Nepali) to Dumb(English) to Dumbo(Cute name)). She also had kept a monkey once as a pet. 

Promise Tamang's Career

Promise Tamang's first video on youtube was her dance. She got inspired by the movie "Avatar" and she did first make-up as Navis and posted it normally on Facebook.

 She got great feedback from that make-up on Facebook and she was suggested to give a tutorial about that make-up. Avatar make-up was her first tutorial on youtube then she did the make-up of  Mad Hatter and gradually she started to give a make-up tutorial of different celebrities.

Among all the make-up that she had done, she liked the make-up of Angelina Jolie most, which has about 16 million viewers on Youtube. The make-up of different celebrities can be observed on youtube.

Promise Tamang's Personal Life

People normally think that she is an affair or she has a boyfriend but Promise Tamang Phan is already married to Steve Phan. She used to keep Phan after her name which came from Steve Phan (husband of Promise Tamang Phan).

Promise Tamang Phan's popularity is on the roof through media from UK, India, Germany, France to the Us. Phan's was described as "The Human Chameleon". She was featured on the Yahoo website too.

Promise Tamang Wedding Photo, Husband Photo can be found in her tweets and in Facebook. Her Quick fact can be found below. She used to share her image on Facebook as well as Twitter too.

I can say, she has magic in her makeup. She is renowned as Makeup Guru. A tutorial of makeup proves that she has magic skills so we can say that Promise Phan is a makeup, Guru.

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by sanjeet, 06 Jan, 2014

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