President Donald Trump Stares At The Solar Eclipse Without Wearing Protective Glasses

All of us got to see the great solar eclipse but on the same day, we also saw something that’s once-in-a-century event.

And that’s President Donald Trump staring at the Solar Eclipse without the protective gla s ses.

donald trump eclipse

President Donald Trump staring at the solar eclipse bare eyes

First lady Melania Trump and President Trump looked Monday’s once-in-a-generation solar eclipse from the White House. The couple stood on the Blue Room Balcony with their son Barron to take in the eclipse as it made its way through the Washington area.

Even though all the Americans were warned by NASA experts and astronomers not to look directly at the eclipse without specially-made gla s ses that were being sold everywhere, President Trump didn’t seem to be a fan of society’s so-called rules.

donald trump soalr eclipse

President Trump and First lady Melania Trump watching the solar eclipse

While the people present there repeatedly screamed at him saying, “don’t look,” the president squinted his eyes and peered up at the sky from the White House’s Truman balcony in Washington, D.C., at 2:39 and 2:43 p.m.—or right around peak viewing for the area, which saw the moon cover 81 percent of the sun.

A moment later, Trump, with his gla s ses back on, turned his head upward and looked the eclipse for around a minute and a half as the eclipse reached its apex. When some reporter asked him, “how’s the view?” he answered him giving a thumbs up.

donald trump solar eclipse

First Lady Melania Trump, President Donald Trump and son Barron look up at the partial solar eclipse

The Twitter feeds flooded with people’s reaction after President Trump’s silly activity.

He did it.

— Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) August 21, 2017

#Trump doesn’t need protective eye wear! “I have the greatest corneas of all time, really. The best.” #Eclipse

— Shawna Hazlett (@shawnahaze) August 21, 2017

When you play yourself...#TrumpMustResign #TrumpEclipse

— Ignacio López O. (@realPOTUMS) August 21, 2017

Scientists: Don't look straight at sun during eclipse.
Trump: Hold my gla s ses.

— Dan Worthington (@danWorthington) August 21, 2017

Trump will stare directly into the eclipse because everyone told him not to.

— Jarett Wieselman (@JarettSays) August 21, 2017

The solar eclipse on Monday was the first to pa s s over the majority of the continental US since 1918. The next solar eclipse over the continent will be in 2024.


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