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Prabal Gurung is one of the most popular fashion designers. With a philosophy encompa s sing modern luxury, ineradicable style and an astute sense of glamour, he came with his eponymous collection in February 2009 which gained worldwide fame. 

Early Life And Education Of Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung was born on 31st March in 1979 in Singapore to the parents of the Nepali community and was fostered in Kathmandu, Nepal. He went to a renowned Catholic Jesuit school named as St. Xavier's School where he ended his high school Education. Prabal began his manipulative career of fashion designing in New Delhi in India. He holds the Nationality of a Nepalese.

A Nepali guy got the existence in Singapore, Prabal Gurung is the inspired director of his famed brand label. He made an attempt to be the director of the designing for the great five years at Bill Bla s s and got the success also. Gurung established his own standard in February of 2009.

He has made some of the world’s good number of well-known women with the counting starting from the wife of the American president, Michelle Obama and the other two great divas such as Demi Moore and Oprah Winfrey.

Though born in Singapore Prabal Gurung was grown up in Kathmandu, Nepal. Prabal Gurung is very pompous of his rearing in his motherland, his country Nepal and thereby expresses his gratitude towards Nepal by highlighting Nepal for being managed to do everything perfectly but he is even worried about the pathetic condition that the Nepalese population suffers from poverty and illiteracy.

He is hopeful that he would be able to fulfill the dreams of the thousand Nepalese residing over there. He is a renowned Nepalese American fashion designer who has made his own name in the line of fashion with his own effort.

Gurung commenced his first name and made his compilation in February in the year 2009 in the New York Fashion Week and along with a manager at the Flag Art Foundation. He completed his studies at New Delhi's Institute of fashion technology and at the same time as he was there, he finished a traineeship at more than a small number of limited production and fashion houses and designed with Manish Arora at the one point of career.

Gurung supported the other stylists in Melbourne and London in the various fashion programs and the global publication. After taking a trip for the wonderful seven years in the year of 1999 he had shifted to New York where he made his attendance in the school of designing of Parsons and interned for Donna Karan.

During the first year at Parsons, Gurung had been able to pick the award of the best designer Award at the annual Parsons and the designing competition at FIT. After leaving Parsons, he had spent a couple of years with the designing team of Cynthia Rowley before he had become the design director at Bill Bla s s. Prabal Gurung launched his own collection after five years.

This good-looking, handsome fashion designer has been able to make his own stand in the line of business he has chosen picking all the success in such a tough field of designing. This Nepali fashion designer can be considered as a source of inspiration for the youngsters to step forward to make their own identity in this competitive age.

His pictures with many stars can be widely found on the internet. In 2013 Gurung obtained US citizenship and he at present resides in New York City.

Prabal Gurung's Net Wort And Earnings 

Prabal Gurung has collected a large amount of money from his designing career. 

Prabal Gurung's Personal Life And Relationship 

Prabal Gurung is not married yet and is also not dating anyone at present. On Jan 2017, he was spotted with having dinner with the American political staffer.

by anjana, 14 Aug, 2014

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