Demi Moore

Inside Biography

Born, Birth 

Demi Moore was born in 11th of November 1962 at  New Mexico, U.S.       

Childhood  Life

Demi Moore was one of the children to the parents. She was interested in acting, modeling and being Producer. Her childhood was quite complicated as her parents were already divorced by the time of her birth. She knew that the guy who she was growing up wasn't her father after she found the marriage certificate of her mom with the step father.  Her step father was a newspaper salesman so they had to shift their homes for almost 40 times .She stopped schooling at her age of 16 to pursue her career .Both of her father,biological as well as step-father died by committing suicide. She had to work as debt collecting agency and also pursued her career as pin-up girl.   


Her father name is Charles Harmon (biological father) and mother name is Virginia. Her Father was Air Force man and mother was Magazine Distributor Company. Her mom later married Dan Guynes  , the newspaper salesman. Both of them were a drunkard so they usually had fights and later even they got divorced.     


She joined Fairfax High School  but before completing her education he was dropped out at her age of 16.   


She has acted for films  like Choices, Parasite (3-D), W.E  , and Captain America: The First Avengers, About Last Night. She is known for Blame It on Rio .She has also acted in Wisdom, We're no Angel, Ghost. She has acted Series like The Master, Bedroom, Moonlighting, Tales from Crypt and Destination Anywhere. She worked as producer in movies like Mortal Thought, Now and Then and If these Walls could Talk. Apart from these she also appeared in some movies like Nothing but Trouble, Butcher’s Wife, A Few good man, Disclosure, The JUROR, Striptease and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She has also persuaded her career as a director in 3 films or series. She directed Streak in 2008,The Joneses in 2009 and later she directed Five in 2011 which was a popular TV program back in those times. She has been successful in many of the field she is involved. 

 Hot Pictures   

She has a lot of bold pictures in the websites. She is known for her sexy body and dressing style. She has given some topless photo shoot for Oui magazine in 1980.   


She was married to Freedy Moore. Later after things didn't work out and after she divorce with Freedy Moore, she married Bruce will. Later after breaking up with Bruce she again married Aston Kucher with whom she divorced in 2013.She has 3 daughters named Rumer Willis, Scout Willis and Tallulah.   

Height, Weight and Age   

Her height is 1.65 m while weight is 54.5 kg. Her age is 51 till the end of 2013. 

Nationality and Ethnicity 

Moore is American citizen with English  Ethnicity. 

Net Worth /Salary and Income 

Moore Net worth is $150 million but there is no such information about annual salary 

Awards and Achievement 

She received awards like Theater World Award in category of Outstanding Actress for The Early Girl. She received Saturn Award for Ghost in category of Best Performance by an Actress. Later she was awarded with MTV Movie Award Golden Raspberry Award for Indecent Proposal and   Striptease. She also received award for People's Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Motion Picture Actress. She was also honored with Showest Award for Female star of the year. The latest award  received was Golden Raspberry Award for  Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle  in 2003   

 Job and Future   

She has already achieved a lot of success in her career and with this hard work she will still prove best in her career in future .

by sanjeet, 10 Mar, 2014

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