Positive Psychology

Article by Published on Updated on 21 Feb, 2017

Psychology is the understanding of human behavior by the study of human brain, environment and other related factors. The branch of psychology which was summed up by Matin Seligmand and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in 1998 is positive psychology. According to them this branch of psychology seeks to ‘find and nurture genius and talent’ and ‘to make normal life more fulfilling’. Therefore, it is related to making human life better focusing on bringing out the positive aspects and avoiding the negative ones. It can be followed by various researches, techniques which are useful in understanding the positive, creative, adaptive aspects to find the fulfilling factors.

There are many positive psychology techniques which can be followed to know more about the subject and also to apply the methods in everyday life. A brief understanding can be gained from reading the positive psychology articles. Positive psychology is basically concerned with three important factors, positive institutions, positive individual traits and positive emotions. However, positive psychology is more about positive thinking. Positive Psychology can be defined as the study of happiness too. While psychology at the beginning focused more on the negative aspects of human psychology like mental illness, positive psychology studies how to maintain positivity.

Positive Psychology can be achieved with positive thinking towards everything. Letting go of the negative feelings is also one of the methods. Also, there are exercises that lead to developing positive psychology. For instance, yoga, or meditation. These activities keep our body relaxed, and with a relaxed body comes a mind at peace. When we ensure that our mind is at peace, there is no doubt that we will have positive psychology towards the world and everything around us. There are other techniques and activities to know more about developing positivity in the self. Going to a therapist, eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis and talking short walks can be very helpful.

There are many advocates of positive psychology. One of the most famous and renowned is the symbol of peace Lord Buddha himself. Modern day gurus and also psychologists advocate about positive psychology. Dalai Lama has been a model who can be said to be an advocate too. To give more light to this particular subject, there have been many writings and quotes developed specially for the same subject only. Positive psychology quotes are not only in the modern days but can also be derived from old days writings and movies. The most famous one is by Thomas Edison, after he failed to make the bulb for the 10,000th time when he said ‘I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 things that do not work’. Hence, positive psychology is all about bringing out positive attitude in us even from the least of things that happen in our life. Positive psychology helps us to move forward neglecting the negative aspects.



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