Popular TV Judge Glend Hatchett's Tragic Life Story, Find out How Her Daughter-in-law Died! Her Married life and more Details Here

News by Saburo Published on 01 Jun,2017 Updated on 01 Jun,2017

“My Precious Daughter Walks Into The Hospital, And She Never Walks Out," said Glenda Hatchett painfully, recalling a tragic moment in her life. 

Popular TV Judge Glenda Hatchett, who recently revealed she lost her daughter in law Kyira Dixon has stood out as an example of a truly strong woman!

Today we talk about the reason behind Glenda Hatchett's  marriage life and the reason behind her daughter in law’s death.

Judge Glenda Hatchett Recently Revealed She Lost Her Daughter In Law

TV Judge Glenda Hatchett recently revealed how her daughter in law tragically died from massive blood loss  12 hours after giving birth via a caesarean in the hospital.

Image: Glenda's late daughters-inlaw Kyira with her husband and son

Source: Daily Mail

According to an article published in DailyMail on 12, May 39-year-old Kyira Dixon Johnson died at Cedars –Sinali Medical Los Angeles in April 2016.

Image: Kyira and her newborn baby before dying

Source: Dailymail

 Glenda and her son Charles stood outside the hospital on 10 May where they revealed their decision to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital

The lawsuit alleged that the doctors were failed to properly respond to her symptoms and adequately treat her after she started bleeding post delivery. The court document says when doctors operated on her after she gave birth, they allegedly found three liters of blood in her abdomen.

Kyira was healthy, vibrant and fun loving wife and mother before she died. Glenda also added, 

The tragic death of this magnificent young woman who had become my daughter was absolutely so unnecessary

Kyira had two sons from Charles and after her death, her grandmother’s been caring them. 

Judge Glenda Hatchett’s Marriage Details

TV Judge Glenda, 65, is a divorced woman who has had two children from her previous marriage. But she has not revealed details about her previous marriages. Currently, she seems happy with her adult children, of course, except for the recent tragedy where she lost her daughter-in -law.

Image: Judge Glenda Hatchett


In many interviews, she has said that she regrets not having a relationship and she would get married if she finds the right man. Glenda left her husband when her sons were younger. Currently, she lives with her two sons in Atlanta Georgia.

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