Police Finds Four Bodies At North Dakota Property-Management Business

News by Joey Jordan Published on 02 Apr,2019

Four People Killed in North Dakota Business In A Suspected Multiple Homicides

  • Four bodies were recovered from a property-management business in North Dakota on Monday, 1st April.
  • Police suspected the crime as multiple homicides.
  • The RJR Maintenance company released a statement on Monday revealing the company was closed for a day.

Four dead bodies were found inside a property-management business in Mandan, North Dakota on Monday, 1st April, police suspected multiple homicides.

The police responded to a medical call at RJR Maintenance and management in Mandan, across the Missouri River from Bismarck. The Madan Police Department released a statement saying the officers discovered several people dead inside the property management at around 7:30 a.m.

Three men and one woman were found dead in the property where their bodies have been sent for autopsies.

CAPTION: Four bodies found inside a business in North Dakota SOURCE: Boston Globe

Meanwhile, a statement released in the company's website revealed that the business was closed for the day. The company is a family-owned business which has been operated for over two decades.

According to the Associated Press, the Bureau of Criminal  Investigation (BCI) told the company helped them in the investigation of the case, however, the agency didn't give any further information.

A manager at the nearby company told police asked him to check the surveillance video of his business which according to him showed two vehicles on the road that separated the business since 10 p.m. on Sunday.