How's the personal life of TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher going on after the divorce with Paul Sampson?

News by Clarence Published on 10 Nov,2016 Updated on 11 Nov,2016

Kirsty Gallacher, a successful Sky Sports presenter, has opened up about her failed marriage with the football star Paul Sampson, 38, in 2014. She admitted that the wedding was one of the worst investments made by the sexy host in her entire life. 

The hot presenter has dissolved her married relation with the two years younger husband and is now living a single life at its best. So, if you are a Gallacher fan or are interested in big masculine men in football then this is a perfect capsule for you all.

In today's digest, we will take account of all of the trash talking and point of view on divorce from former husband and wife. Perhaps the writing would let you know what exactly went wrong in the life of this diva and her football star husband. So, without further delay let's take a look at the cold war that could not be ignored from Gallacher & Sampson divorce war.

How is Gallacher dealing with her divorce

The presenter and mother of two acknowledge that the divorce gave her hard times. All the money she spends on court fees and lawyers and sue has taken a toll on her finance. She can not think about getting married fro a long time after her divorce.

Will they ever get together again?

The Sexy mama talked a lot about how she wanted to keep the cart moving just for the sake of her kids but thing took a turn to where they were destined to head "towards the end of the road".

She told the Sunday Times: Divorce is a nightmare, the legal fees and all the c*** that goes with it.'

The divorce will certainly be hard on their two sons Oscar and Jude but the couple doesn't seem interested in mending the broken relationship, in any case.

The couple has spoken about the divorce action filed but tried their best to hide the reasons for their divorce. However, the inside report suggests that the couple had many small fights whenever they were together.

Reason for the divorce of Kirsty Gallacher and Paul Sampson

The reasons for their divorce according to an insider is the age difference between them. The younger football star thought he deserves a better girl whereas the mother of two felt the travel made by her football star husband made it difficult to get the relationship going.

For the show host diva, the case has made her think twice about jumping into anything as the money implications still remain the attribute of a great importance after the recent procedure. The other reason for divorce popped out to be Kirsty's shopaholic nature. She admits she bought an overrated purse for 2500 Euros in Paris in her after divorce vacation.

The Sky Sports presenter is a single mother of two which is a great responsibility to handle on her own. The couple got divorced recently but sources confirmed that Paul moved away in late 2015 from the house bought by the couple and was living separately.

What are they doing now?

The Sky Sports presenter is still working for the channel and if we check her Instagram we can find her partying and having fun. Kirsty spent a lot of time and money in Paris partying and enjoying her single-again life.