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Melissa Barrera's husband, Paco Zazueta, is a Mexican musician and also works as a butcher. Their relationship began in 2011 when they both participated as contestants on the Mexican reality musical talent show, La Academia. However, they tied the knot eight years later, in 2019.

Paco and Melissa's marriage brought Paco into the spotlight, introducing him to a broader audience. Today, he is primarily acknowledged as the husband of Melissa Barrera. Before their union, Paco was relatively unknown until his connection with his Mexican wife became more widely recognized.

What Is Paco Zazueta's Age?

Paco Zazueta, a Mexican musician born on January 22, 1987, spent his childhood in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora. His parents, Javier Zazueta and Francisca Munoz, maintain a private life, with Francisca having a private Instagram account.

Paco Zazueta's mother Francisca Munoz during her birthday. SOURCE: Instagram @xavierzazuetaoficial

Paco has two sisters, Marysol and Fernanda, and they belong to a close-knit Christian family. Known for his closeness to his family, Paco's upbringing remains private, and details about his parents' professions are undisclosed.

Educational Qualification

Raised in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, the aspiring Mexican Paco musician pursued his early education locally. However, for higher studies, Melissa Barrera's husband enrolled at Colegio Teresiano de la Vera-Cruz. 

Paco later joined Universidad Trech Milenio for a degree in International Business, although specific details about his course remain undisclosed. Throughout his university years, he dedicated his spare time to refining his musical talents, showcasing a persistent commitment to his passion for music.

How Did Paco and Melissa Meet Each Other?

The married pair Paco Zazueta and Melissa Barrera first met on the reality show La Academia in 2011, where they both participated as contestants. Recognizing a shared connection, they supported each other throughout the show. 

Melissa credited Paco for being her reason to stay on the challenging reality TV platform, describing it as a difficult part of the entertainment industry. She admitted contemplating leaving early but was encouraged by Paco's support to persevere. Their mutual encouragement and bond grew stronger during the show, leading to their later romantic relationship.

Paco and Melissa Got Married in 2019

The lovely couple Paco Zazueta and Melissa Barrera's relationship blossomed during their time on La Academia, dating for six years before getting engaged. In June 2017, while visiting the Empire State Building in Manhattan, Paco proposed to Melissa, and they planned their wedding for 2019.

CAPTION: The married couple Paco Zazueta and Melissa Barrera posing in Chicago. SOURCE: Instagram @xavierzazuetaoficial

The specific type of ceremony Paco and Melissa had remains unspecified. Celebrating three years of marriage, the couple divides their time between homes in LA, New York, and Mexico, sharing their lives with two dogs.

Melissa marked their second anniversary on social media with affectionate photos, expressing love and commitment. Paco reciprocated the sentiment on his Insta Story. Though not confirmed officially, their Instagram activity suggests they may have recently welcomed a baby.

What is Paco Zazueta's Net Worth?

Paco Xavier Zazueta is gradually making a mark in the Mexican music scene, earning a livelihood through his musical endeavors. His estimated net worth stands at $1 million, on par with actress Rebecca Staab.

In contrast, Paco's wife, Melissa Barrera, enjoys greater celebrity status and financial success. As a renowned Mexican actress, her estimated net worth amounts to approximately $2 million. Her notable roles in movies have significantly contributed to her prosperous fortune and displayed her wealth.

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What Paco Zazueta Does For Living?

Paco Zazueta, primarily recognized as Melissa Barrera's husband, has diversified his career beyond his relationship. He showcases himself as a singer on Instagram, with singles like "Melissa," "Ya Te Perdi La Fe," and more available on Spotify. In 2012, he launched his record production. Additionally, Paco operates an online butcher shop, Carnes Zazueta Culiacan, selling quality meat products.

Starting his career in reality TV on La Academia, where he met his future wife, Paco follows the trend of engaging with fans on social media, notably Instagram, where he has amassed a significant and growing fan base. His multifaceted career includes singing, entrepreneurship, and social media presence, beyond his association with Melissa Barrera.

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About Paco Zazueta's Controversy

Xavier Zazueta and his wife, Melissa, typically steer clear of controversies and negative energy. However, Melissa unintentionally became involved in a controversy surrounding the film "In the Heights," an adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway show. The movie aimed to address racial inequality but faced criticism for its lack of representation of darker-skinned Latinx individuals, despite the story focusing on this community.

The controversy centered on colorism, with people highlighting the discrepancy between the movie's theme and its casting choices. Lin-Manuel Miranda apologized via Twitter after criticism emerged regarding the film's failure to adequately represent Black Latinx individuals, which sparked discussions about the issue of diversity and representation in the movie industry.



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