Jason Earles: Controversies Related To His Birth Date And Age

News by Bartle Published on 03 Dec,2015 Updated on 22 Sep,2021

Jason Earles is known for his appearance in the popular Disney show Hannah Montanna. He, however, is often in the news because of the wrong reasons.  

Controversy Of Jason Earles' Birth Date

Jason Earles has been a considerable amount of controversy regarding his age and birth reality. When Jason played the role of a 16-year-old Jackson Steward on Hannah Montana, he sure looked the appropriate age. However, it has been speculated that he was actually 29 years old at the time.

The questions arose when his resume stated that he was born on April 26, 1985. This fact did not, however, match up with the story printed in Houston Chronicle which claimed that he was 19 years old when shooting for the sitcom. Yet another article on the Associated Press stated that he was 29 when shooting. Owing to his various film appearances on National Treasure, American Pie, Space Buddies, etc. it is highly debatable if the date issued on his resume is his actual date or not.

Reality Of Jason Earles' Birth Date

If several sources are to be considered, after much study, speculation, and proof, it has been estimated that Jason was actually 29 years of age when shooting for Hannah Montana and his birth date on his resume is, for some reason, a wrong data. He looks younger than his age and manages to act as a character 13 years younger than he actually is because he supposedly suffers from a condition known as Kallman Syndrome, which makes a person look considerably younger than his/her actual age.

Another controversy that supports that his resume birth date is wrong is that there are proofs that he has been married to Jennifer Humphrey since 2002 and even has 2 kids. This too supports the premise that his actual age has to be 29 when he played on Hannah Montana.

So, all in all, it can be safely said that Jason Earles was actually born in San Diego, California on April 26, 1977. He moved, along with his family, to Oregon where he studied in the Glencoe High School and graduated from the Rocky Mountian College in 2000. His date of graduation reveals that he might not have been born in 1985 as there is no chance that he graduated at the age of 15. This is yet evidence that supports the theory about his birth reality.

Whatever his birth reality, Jason has proved that his skills in the fields of acting and have managed to accumulate a huge number of fans, especially through the hugely popular show of the 2000s, Hannah Montana. Despite the revelation about his birth reality, his fans still continue to adore him for his acting skills. 

Short Bio 

Jason Earles is a martial artist, actor, and comedian who appeared in the famous Disney Channel sitcom entitled Hannah Montana, which portrayed Miley Cyrus as the lead character.

Jason has been married twice. He first married his wife Jennifer from 2002-13. Following their divorce, the actor went on to marry Katie Dryson