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Paula Froelich the famous author of the book named Mercury in Retrograde is additionally a journalist. She was born on October 30, 1973. She was born in Leeds English as a nationality of English. Occupationally she is working as a Novelist with his bestselling books appeared across the New York-listed by the Times Best Seller. Basically, she worked for a New York Page Six as a columnist. She was also dictated as an Editor in Chief of Yahoo Travel during the year March 31, 2014. She also leads as a content re-imagination within the site of this travel.

After completion of her high school, she directly joined for her graduate degree. She was a highly concentrated and high ranked student within her academic field. She used to learn things from her experiment. She also worked for a novel for young adults and achieving a good position from it. Similarly, she also worked in the departmental store at the beginning of her career and searching for the opportunities. Her maternal uncle also helped her to provide a good platform during the success of her career. Along with she also started writing to raise a voice for different relevant issues. And with the concept of it, she gets her introduction as a Novelist.

Paula is a silent person. She speaks less but speaks with the words she owns.  She loves reading books and stories. Her field of interests is relatively that practical field of study that comes to use. Her mother is also her important source of inspiration. Similarly, her father also helped her as a role model.

Paula Froelich's Personal Life, Husband, And Relationship 

Paula Froelich is not married yet. She was in a serious relationship with late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain for a few months. The couple started dating in 2005 after Anthony divorced with his first wife Nancy Putkoski. The couple married in 1985 and parted ways after over two decades of togetherness. The author paid a tribute to her loyal following his shock suicide on June 8, 2018. 

The personal life of this novelist is as close to her books. Paula Froelich loves to keep it more in deep and secret among her fans. Her personal life is far away from the public media. There is no information about whether she is married or not. Yet, her fan guesses she is married and happy with her husband. But there is no any idea about whom she is married with or who is her husband. They are not gaining any divorce and even not planning for it. She is happy with her life and ongoing livelihood. She is planning to write a new book that comes at the end of 2016. T

Paula has a very good concept for presenting herself. She has an adorable appearance within the media and public across. Her salary is also additional things that satisfy her life. She has wonderful presentation skills that elaborate the clear situation of the study within her books across. Her net worth is also an attractive amount. Since she has also published the world’s bestselling books she is living a wealthy life.

by sanjeet, 25 Dec, 2015

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