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Paul McCartney is an English songwriter-singer, composer, and multi-instrumental, recognized worldwide as the singer and ba s s guitarist for the legendary rock band, the Beatles.

The band Beatles is considered one of the most famous and influential bands in the history of pop music. Paul McCartney's cooperation with John Lennon made history with the rise of the most appreciated rock band.

After the band collapsed, Paul went on to establish his solo career and made the band Wings along with his first wife Linda, and friend Denny.

Early life 

Paul McCartney was born on 18 June 1942 in Walton Hospital, England. His mother, Mary Patricia(1090-1956), was a qualified nurse, whereas his father, Jim McCartney was a volunteer firefighter during World War II. He is white in ethnicity and holds a British nationality.

McCartney has a younger brother named Michael, born on 7 January 1944. Paul joined Stockton Wood Road Primary School in Speke from 1947 to 1949. Then he was shifted to Joseph Junior School in Belle Vale due to overcrowding at Stockton.

Educational Details

In the year 1953, only three out of 90 examiners, including McCartney, passed the 11-Plus exam, and he enrolled at the Liverpool Institute, which is a grammar school instead of a secondary modern school.

The following year, Paul met his schoolmate, George Harrison on the bus from his suburban home in Speke. They both became close friends in a short time; Paul admitted: 'I tended to talk down to him because he was a year younger.' 

About McCartney's Mother

Paul McCartney's mother, Mary was a midwife and primary wage earner for the family. Her earnings led them to move to 20 Forthlin Road in Allerton, where they stayed till 1964. 

On 31 October 1956, when Paul was fourteen years of her age, his mother died of an embolism. His loss became a point of connection with John Lennon, as his mother died when Lennon was seventeen years.

About McCartney's Father

Paul's father was a pianist and trumpet player, who had led Jim Mac's Jazz Band in the 1920s. He kept on practicing piano in the front place, also inspired his sons to be involved in music, and advised Paul to learn piano through lessons. 

Paul's father gave him a nickel-plated trumpet on his fourteenth birthday, later when rock and roll became viral on Radio Luxembourg, Paul McCartney traded it for a£ 15, Zenith acoustic guitar.

First song

Paul found it very difficult to play guitar right-handed. After he noticed a poster advertising a Slim Whitman concert and saw that Whitman was left-handed while playing, Paul reversed the strings of his guitar.

He wrote his first song, 'I Lost My Little Girl,' on the Zenith, and later composed another early tune 'When I'm Sixty-Four,' on the piano. American rhythm and blues inspired Paul.

Early Career

Paul McCartney's professional career began at the age of fifteen when he met John Lennon and his band called the Quarrymen, at the St Peter's Church fete in Woolton on July 6, 1957.

The idea played a mixed rock and roll skiffle, a kind of popular music with blues, jazz, and folk influences. The band also invited McCartney to join the group as the rhythm guitarist, as he formed a close working bond with John Lennon later.

Lead guitarist in the band

In 1958, Harrison joined the band as lead guitarist, and John's art school friend Stuart Sutcliffe on ba s s began working with the group in 1960.  By May of 1960, the group referred to several names including, Beatles and the Silber Beetles, Jhonny and the Moondogs.

Later in August 1960, they longtime their group as the Beatles and kept drummer Pete Best before a five-engagement residency in Hamburg.

The Beatles

Represented by Allan Williams, the Beatles' first booking was for a residency in Hamburg, in 1960. The following year, a band member, Sutcliffe left the band, and Paul played the ba s s guitar.
Their first professional record in Hamburg was the Beat Brothers, as the backup band for English singer, Tony

The single 'My Bonnie,' the song brought them to the attraction of Brian Epstein,  a figure in their subsequent success and development, who later served as the manager in Jan 1962.

The band released their first hit, 'Love Me Do' and by October, the band gained fame in the UK in 1963, a year later in the United States also.

McCartney's Yesterday

The Beatles released the composition of McCartney's Yesterday,' in August 1965, featuring a string quartet. A year later in 1966, the Beatles released their second album 'Revolver.' With sophisticated lyrics, an expanded version of musical genres ranging from innovative string works to psychedelic rock, and studio experimentation, the album was considered an artistic success for the Beatles.

The band performed their final concert at the end of their US tour in 1966. Later, Paul finished his first musical project besides his group.

collaboration with Martin

The project was a collaboration with Martin, who took two McCartney themes to write thirteen variations. The soundtrack also won an Ivor Novello Award for Best Instrumental Theme.

Later the band got a huge success and released numerous hit songs which can still be heard all around the world. However, the group began having issues later.

Filed suit for the band's arguments

On 1970 April 10, a business disagreements issue went on with his bandmates. Paul McCartney announced his separation from the Beatles. He also filed suit for the band's arguments on 31st December 1970.

There was more legal conflict followed as McCartney's attorneys, Paul's in-laws John and Lee Eastman, fought Harrison's, Lennon's, and Starr's business manager Allen Klein, over creative controls and royalties.

Depression Journey

Later on 9 Jan 1975, an English court legally dissolved the Beatles, through lawsuits against their company EMI, Klein. They were recognized as one of the most influential and famous bands in the history of rock.

After leaving the band, McCartney went into a depression, and his wife helped him come out of that emotional stress by praising his efforts as a songwriter and convinced him to continue recording and writing.


After the Beatles collapsed, Paul continued his path in music with his debut solo release, 'McCartney,' which became the US number-one album shortly. Later he teamed up with Linda and drummer Denny Seiwell on the second album called 'Ram.'

After the release of the second album, Denny Laine, ex-Moody Blues guitarist jammed up with McCartney and Seiwell and made a band, 'Wings.'

First performance

With the addition of lead guitarist Henry McCullough, Wings' first tour started in 1972 with their first performance in front of seven hundred audiences at the University of Nottingham.

Wings gained their first US number-one single in 1973, 'My Love.'

Left the band in 1973

After McCullough and Seiwell left the band in 1973, Paul and Laine recorded Band on the run. The album peaked as the first of seven platinum Wings LPs.  It was number one in UK and US.

After a couple of years, Paul began working with Stevie Wonder on the Martin-produced no.1 hit 'Ebony and Ivory,' included  Paul's Tug of War LP, and  joined Michael Jackson on 'The Girl is Mine.'


In the year 2010, Paul McCartney opened the Consol Energy Center in Pennsylvania. The following year, he played two sold-out concerts at the new Yankee Stadium.

Later in September, being commissioned by the New York City Ballet, Paul released his first score for a dance number, collaborating with Peter Martins.

On 2014, May 19, McCartney was examined for an unspecific virus and had to cancel a sold-out concert tour of Japan. McCartney had to postpone his show for one month due to his doctor's order.

Paul in 'FourFiveSeconds

In Jan 2015, Paul collaborated with Rihanna and Kanye West, on the single 'FourFiveSeconds.' The music video for the song was released in January.

McCartney released the career-spanning collection 'Pure McCartney' on 10 June 2016. The set included songs throughout his solo career and his efforts with the Fireman and Wings.

McCartney in Pirates of the Caribbean

Moreover, Paul made his appearance in the adventure movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales; the film was released in 2017.

On 2017 Jan 18, Paul McCartney filed a suit in United States district court against Sony/ATV Music Publishing, to reclaim his ownership of his share of the Lennon-McCartney song catalog.

Paul's Girlfriend

Paul McCartney's first serious girlfriend was Dot Rhone. They both met at the Casbah club in 1959. As said by Spitz, Dot felt that Paul had a compulsion to control situations.

The couple stayed together for two years and six months; they were due to marry until his girlfriend's miscarriage.

Past affairs

Later, he began dating Jane Asher. They first met on 18 April 1963, when a photographer requested them to pose at a Beatles performance. They two began dating, and in November of the same year, Paul took Asher to her parent's home at Wimple Streer.

They lived there for more than two years before moving to McCartney's house, in St.John's Wood in March. The couple lasted for five years and also planned to get married. However, Asher ended up the engagement after she found out Paul had been in an affair with Francie Schwartz.

Married To Linda Eastman

Later in 1969, McCartney married Linda Eastman, a famous photographer who worked with many rock groups including, the Grateful Dead, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Beatles, and the Doors. Linda and McCartney collaborated together musically after the Beatle's separations.

The couple had four children, Linda's daughter Heather(adopted by Paul legally), James and Stella, and a younger one whose name has not been revealed yet. They stayed as a married couple until Linda died of breast cancer at the age of fifty-six in 1998.

Second Wife

Later in 2002, Paul McCartney tied the knot with Heather Mills, an anti-landmines campaigner and former model. After years of their marriage, Mills gave birth to their first child Beatrice Mills.

The husband and wife got separated in 2006 and got divorced in March 2008.

Third Wife

On 9 October 2011, Paul McCartney married his third wife, Nancy Shevell in a civil ceremony at Marylebone Town Hall. Both McCartney and Shevell had been together since 2007 November.

Paul's wife Nancy Shevell is vice-president of family-owned transportation. She is also a former member of the board of the New York area's Metropolitan Transportation Authority. They are happily married and are often seen together spending quality time.


McCartney used drugs for the first time when he was in the Beatles' Hamburg days. He used Preludin to maintain energy to perform for long periods. Bob Dylan introduced Paul and his bandmates to marijuana in a New York hotel room.

McCartney's daily use of the drug soon became an addiction which led him to try LSD. His second chemical trip was in March 1967 along with his bandmate, Lennon.

Net worth

Paul McCartney has made an enormous amount of money from his long-running successful career as a singer and songwriter. He also worked with one of the most famous historical rock bands Beatles, later made his own band, and also appeared as a solo artist.

Considering all these, Paul McCartney has a total net worth of £800 million as of 2022. McCartney owns several luxury cars including Rolls Royce Phantom V, Austin Princess, Lamborgini 400GT, Chrysler Station Wagon, Mercedez-Benz 230 SL, Mini Cooper S, and McLaren F1. Every car is worth millions of dollars.

Moreover, Paul McCartney also owns pretty luxury mansions as recently he bought an estate worth $26 million. The house includes a stylish swimming pool and has a pretty big space of 1.3 acres.

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