Patrick Dempsey and his passion for racing

News by Clarence Published on 08 May,2016 Updated on 08 May,2016

The ex-star of the hit television show Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey has not only been interested in his stints at acting, but is equally focused on racing and driving. He has at times showcased and let out the details regarding the interest that he possesses for racing cars. Dempsey has been involved in the car series including the Rolex, American Le Mans as well as the continental Tire sports Car racing. The best he has achieved out of these has been the second position on the year 2015.

Patrick, known better as Dr. Derek from Grey’s Anatomy, holds an extreme passion for racing and owns a vintage collection of cars. He enjoys auto racing when he is not acting and has revealed that he has no time even for his marriage, due to his interest in acting. His competition in several high end racing events has showcased his love for the sport and he has also declared that he would walk away from the field of acting if he managed to uphold a successful motorsports career.

Patrick Dempsey movies include the like of Enchanted, Freedom Writers, Flypaper, and Valentine’s Day etc. among many more. He has also appeared in several other movies like Sweet Home Alabama as well as Outbreak. Despite the internet hoax and the widespread rumors of his death, it can be confirmed that the handsome dude is pretty much alive and not dead. With a successful film and television career, he has managed to accumulate the net worth of a whopping 60 million dollars with an annual salary of 350 thousand dollars per year. Grey’s Anatomy has surely been his successful endeavor but only time will tell if the hugely talented actor will move on towards in  the motor racing business and sport if given the opportunity to do so in the upcoming days.