Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Covfefe and House Health Care Issue. Donald Trump Is On Today

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 31 May,2017 Updated on 13 Aug,2017

It all started with the tweet by Donald Trump at 12:06 ET when he tweeted ‘despite the negative press Covfefe.’

Well immediately after he tweeted this he felt something wrong and deleted it. And later he posted a new tweet ‘who can figure out the true meaning of Covfefe’??? Enjoy!”

Well, the prediction is going on and we think President Donald Trump was to type coverage and unfortunately he misspelled it. After he posted the tweet he went to sleep and did not correct it.

Well, all we can do to figure out what ‘Covfefe’ is, wait for the president to wake up.

Source: business insider

Today seems to be a day dedicated to Donald Trump as he has made some major decisions regarding the Paris climate change agreement and house health care issues.

 He has denied going with the Paris agreement made on climate change. This was confirmed by white house associated press to which Germany, France, and other leading countries have expressed their frustration.