Olympic Sprinter Sanya Richard-Ross Revealed About Her Abortion in Her Book Chasing Grace

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 06 Jun,2017 Updated on 10 Aug,2017

The US Olympic sprinter Sanya Richard-Ross has made some revelation in her new book.

 The book entitled ‘chasing Grace’ is about the athlete’s journey.

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She revealed that she went through an abortion right before flying to Beijing for 2008 Olympic Games. She even stated that she and her husband Aaron Ross took this decision in a phone call. The decision was mutually made.

She wrote "Everything I ever wanted seemed to be within reach. The culmination of a lifetime of work was right before me."

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"In that moment, it seemed like no choice at all. The debate of when life begins swirled through my head and the veil of a child out of wedlock at the prime of my career seemed unbearable. What would my sponsors, my family, my church, and my fans think of me?” she added.

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The year she took this decision, she won a bronze medal in 400m race.