NYC Science Teacher Kills His Wife Accidentally While Cleansing His Handgun

News by Joey Jordan Published on 19 Nov,2018

A Woman Dies After Her Husband Accidentally Shoots Her While Cleansing His Handgun In New York

  • New York woman dies after she was shot by her husband while cleaning his handgun.
  • The 35-year-old Ashley Rosenbrock died later at the Saratoga Hospital.
  • Eric has not been booked on any charges until now but he could get charged for negligence or even manslaughter.
  • The couple had three children and their infant daughter Vivienne died of sepsis pneumonia in 2013.

A woman in Corinth, New York died on Thursday, 15th November after her husband accidentally shot her while cleaning his gun.

Major Robert E. Patnaude of New York State Police wrote in a press release:

At approximately 10:30 PM, 35-year-old Eric Rosenbrock was performing maintenance on his legally possessed handgun when a round was discharged that struck his wife, 34-year-old Ashley Rosenbrock.

Eric is a science teacher in Lake George, New York who shares three children with her.

Eric and his late wife had a daughter, Vivienne who died at 18 months who died of sepsis pneumonia in 2013.

CAPTION: Man shot his wife accidentally while cleaning his gun SOURCE: The New York Times

Michael Knapp, a neighbor of Rosenbrock's told in an interview,

They're a happy family, a good family. My heart, my heart breaks for them. They're just good people, good people. It's been too much tragedy for them. Too much tragedy.

The investigation is still ongoing while Eric was cooperative with the police where he explained the incident  to the police which was later confirmed by doctor Dr. Michael Sikirica who performed the autopsy. The Dr. said,

The results of the autopsy are consistent with the information and evidence that has been discovered to this point in the investigation.

The case is considered as the accident until now and Eric hasn't been booked with any charges but he could face charges for negligence or even manslaughter after the investigations will be completed.