NFL Player Aldon Smith Released From Oakland Raiders Post Domestic Violence Allegations

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 06 Mar,2018 Updated on 06 Mar,2018

The ABC station KGO in San Francisco reported the domestic violence made by the NFL player, Aldon Smith, which took a new turn as Oakland Raiders have released the player and a warrant is out for his arrest.

The reports from San Francisco police department suggest he allegedly threw a woman around a room and bit her on the wrist before escaping from the window.

CAPTION: NFL Aldon Smith alleged of domestic violence SOURCE: ABC

The special victims unit of the San Francisco police department released an arrest warrant against the NFL player, Smith.The charges on 28-year-old Smith include assault, false imprisonment and corporal injury. The department is arranging a legal counsel for Smith and expecting him to surrounded and proceed with the warrant. The police department was quoted saying:

The Department is working with Mr. Smith’s legal counsel to arrange a day and time for Mr. Smith to surrender himself and to be processed for the warrant

The department further added:

Mr. Smith would then be subject to future court proceedings.

After a series of inquiry and investigation, the department confirmed Smith flew from the site of the crime, near San Francisco's Union Square, before the authorities arrived.

CAPTION: NFL Aldon Smith released by Oakland RaidersSOURCE: ABC
The authorities confirmed victim’s injury was not life-threatening. KGO reported the victim is smith’s fiancée and the two got engaged last month. Smith joined Oakland Raiders in 2015 and has plays nine games for the team.