Newlywed Husband Arrested On Suspicion Of Death Of His Wife

News by Joey Jordan Published on 06 Jun,2019

A newlywed Missouri man has been arrested over domestic violence over his wife of two weeks who died in a parking garage in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday.

The woman, identified as Allissa L. Jenkins, 27, was found dead by St. Louis police on early Sunday morning on a ramp in a parking garage near Busch Stadium. The couple had attended the Cardinals baseball game against the Chicago Cubs the night she died.

CAPTION: Newlywed woman died after falling 7 floors down a roof SOURCE: People

According to the affidavit obtained by People, police responded to an emergency call that reported a woman had fallen from the Stadium East Parking Garage at around 1:45 a.m. on June 2.

The first responders found Allis's body covered in blood with her newlywed husband Bradley straddling her body. Police reported Bradley appeared to be intoxicated.

Officials found Allissa's cell phone on the seventh floor of the garage which was still recording video. The footage captured on her cell phone showed both Bradley and Allisa. The affidavit said:

During the recording, you can hear her yell for him to quit punching her face. She eventually drops the camera, Shortly after that, you hear her scream as she falls and you hear the thump of her body hitting the ground.

Officers alleged Bradley told several lies in his testimony. They said Bradley claimed he had never been to the rooftop, however, the footage clearly showed him being with his wife on the roof before she fell down to death.

People reported Bradley and Allissa were married in Las Vegas on May 22. They were engaged since October last year.

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