House Of Cards Actor Kevin Spacey Comes Out Of The Closet After Years Of Speculation

News by Joey Jordan Published on 30 Oct,2017 Updated on 30 Oct,2017

House Of Cards actor Kevin Spacey has finally come out of the closet after years of speculation. Spacey announced the big news on his Twitter Sunday night.

A longstanding Hollywood rumor has come to an end after his revelation which came after the American Beauty star Anthony Rapp accused him of having relationships with men and women throughout his life. 

You can see Kevin's tweet below:

Anthony said that the actor took him to his apartment and tried to seduce him when he was 14. Stacey apologized to Rapp saying he has a lot of respect and admiration for him as an actor. However, he said he was stunned to hear the story and doesn't remember the encounter. Stacey added it was a deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.

Now his revelation about his sexual orientation after Rapp's accusation has been targeted by many of the social media users- where he has been alleged that he is trying to cover the harassment charges by opening about his sexual orientation.

Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Stacey of sexually harassing him 31 years ago

Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Stacey of sexually harassing him 31 years ago

Source: NY Daily News

The two time Academy Award-winner Spacey hinted at his sexuality at the Tony Awards in June 2017 during an opening skit with Whoopi Goldberg; who came as a gay on stage.