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Nas was born in September 14, 1973 with his birth name as Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones who is now running 42 years old by his age. Nas birth place is located within Brooklyn, New York of United States and he is also called out by his other names like Nasty Nas and Nas Escobar. Belonging from the American nationality Nas falls under black ethnic background and he is earning his profession being as a rapper, Songwriter as well as producer and actor. Nas active years started from the year 1991 with his remarkable performance in progressive way and in addition to this he also got his introduction being as an entrepreneur. Nas father name is Olu Dara and by profession he used to play jazz and blues and a successful musician. Nas falls under the Yoruba descent and his mother name is Fannie Ann Jones who was working within North Carolina being as a Postal Service worker.

Nas started his career right after his parents got divorce from each other and he collaborated with his best friend for his successful beginning of his career during the very time. He got dropped out from the school due to his weak performance and this was the time while he was studying in 8th grade. From the very time he started to write his own rhymes and then planned to enter into the music industry for his better future. He also started working into double album and this was in the year 1998 from when he began his professional workings in the progressive form.

Nas is also declared being as a married man and he got into the married zone with his spouse during the year 2005 and the name of his spouse is Kelis but unfortunately their love did not last for a long time therefore they got divorce in the year 2010 due to the internal conflict. Nas is also the father of 2 children and perfectly he is good going with his married life into his married zone. He also got engaged with Carmen Bryan whom he got engaged in June 15, 1994 and they gave birth to the daughter who was named as Destiny. Later with the confession of Nas having an affair with another rapper as his girlfriend this couple got separated from each other’s life. Nas also had an affair with Mary J. Blige for a short duration of time but unfortunately their relationship did not last for a long run.

Nas is with his height 5 feet 9 inches in tall and looking to his bio his personal life and professional career are both open to the media. With the great earning of salary Nas is able to achieve the net worth of amount around 17 million American dollars in the year 2015 with high success of his album.

by Bchrome, 19 Feb, 2016

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