Mtvs Ridiculousness Star Sterling "Steelo" Brims Nephew Died Of Drowning in A Pool

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 28 Jun,2017 Updated on 08 Aug,2017

MTV's program ‘Ridiculousness’ star Sterling "Steelo" Brim is heartbroken.

He is mourning the loss of his 3 years old nephew who accidentally drowned in Brim’s pool as reported by TMZ.

source: TMZ


When TMz was in talks with law enforcement sources it was reported Steelo's nephew was wandering in the North Hollywood backyard.


 This happened on Friday when the adults who were on the spot weren’t looking at the boy when he fell in the pool. He was later discovered out of the pool but it’s still unclear how long he was in the pool.

source: allstarbio


He was then approached by the paramedics and immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. Later he was declared dead the afternoon. The death is an accident. The boy’s family was there to visit brim from Chicago.


 Brim in his statement said, "Last weekend, my beloved nephew passed away in a tragic accident. We will miss him dearly and ask for prayers and privacy during this time of mourning."