Mother To A Child, Fox News' Julie Roginsky Still Unmarried. Know about her Career And Net Worth

News by Saburo Published on 27 Apr,2017 Updated on 12 Jun,2017

Mother to a child, Fox News' Julie Roginsky is unmarried and is not dating anyone. How can it be? It very hard to dig into the personal life of a journalist as they are not willing to share it to the world. And now it has come to this.

A journalist who does not have a husband but has a child. Does not make any sense at all. Can you guess the possible reason for this? Worry no more, we'll give you a hand.

Julie Roginsky has no husband but has a baby

Julie Roginsky gave birth to her son in the year 2012 and named him Zachary Peter Roginsky but there is no sign of the father of the baby boy. Can she be divorced?

Well, that's not completely true she does have a husband whom she often talks about in her twitter but often describes as an imaginary husband. So, we can assume that she is currently single and might have separated with the father of her child.

Screenshot of Julie's tweets about her Imaginary husband

Screenshot of Julie's tweet about her imaginary husband

The truth is there is not sign or news about her getting married so take divorce out of the mark. Did she go through an insemination or is the child from her previous relationship?

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What's with her past relationships and affairs?

Julie Roginsky single mom

Julie Roginsky


Well, the journalist you know. They are very good at keeping secrets so that's another NO. Too many nos. But she is happy being single with her little boy.

A mysterious husband and a single mom, Julie Roginsky's personal life is like a movie. Is her professional life the same?

Julie Roginsky Net worth and Career

Julie Roginsky has the net worth of $23 million and her salary has been the main source to boost her net worth. Even though the true salary of this journalist is not known, but it is sure that she gets paid in millions.

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Julie Roginsky

Julie Roginsky


But she is not just a journalist even if she graduated from Science in Journalism from Boston University, she got her first experience with Emily's list to work in Congressional Campaign of Dale McCormick.

After that, Julie was the first woman to be the communications director at the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, followed by some more work as a communication Director for Jon Corzine when he was elected to the Inited States Senate in 2001.

Julie Roginsky

Julie Roginsky


With many works of similar type in her lifetime she finally got into Fox Chanel in 2011 as an on-air contributor and till now she has been in Fox news. Before that, she has also appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and HLN.