Minor League Baseball Pitcher Blake Bivens' Wife, Son and Mother In Law Killed At Their Home

News by Joey Jordan Published on 29 Aug,2019 Updated on 29 Aug,2019

Aspiring Baseball Star Blake Bivens' Wife, Son, And Mother In Law Killed In Their Virginia Home

  • Minor League Baseball pitcher Blake Bivens's wife Emily, son and mother-in-law were killed at their home in Virginia.
  • Bivens' teen brother-in-law was arrested on suspicion of the murder.
  • The Pittsylvania Sheriff's office was informed about the possible murder on Tuesday morning by a neighbor who heard shooting.
  • Suspect Matthews stays in the police custody, who was arrested after a chaotic chase.

Minor League Baseball pitcher Blake Bivens mourns the deaths of his wife, son, and mother-in-law after they were brutally murdered at their home in Keeling, Virginia on Tuesday, 27th August.

Police arrested Bivens' teen brother-in-law after finding him the major suspect of the massacre. The boy, who ran naked across the streets, led the police through a chaotic chase before they nabbed him.

Pittsylvania County Public Safety had issued a warning to residents urging them to look out for Emily's brother, Matthew Bernard. Matthew, who had fled after the crime, emerged naked near a Keeling Baptist Church.

In a video captured by WSET, Matthew can be seen circling a police officer multiple times before he approached a man in the parking lot of the church and placed him in a chokehold. After a few minutes long chase, police arrested him near the woods.

Sheriff Mike Taylor said in a press conference that his office received a call at around 8 in the Tuesday morning in which a person reported someone in his neighborhood was shot.

Mr. Taylor added when the officers responded to the location, they found a body of a female in the driveway of a home and later one child and another female.

The New York Times reported Roanoke, the state medical examiner's office, confirmed the victims were Emily Marie Bivens; her son Cullen Bivens; and her mother, Joan Bernard.

The Tampa Bay Rays tweeted in support of the aspiring baseball star on Tuesday night where they wrote: "Our hearts are broke for Blake." They added, "We are grieving with him and will support him any way we can."

 Matthew Bernard was charged with three counts of first-degree murder. He remains under police custody.