Millionaire James Caan's Split From His Wife Aisha Caan-Details! Is Caan Single or Dating?

News by Clarence Published on 04 Dec,2017 Updated on 04 Dec,2017

Business tycoon and former investor of the BBC television program Dragon’s Den, James Caan who was previously known as Nazim Khan divorced his wife, Aisha Caan after 32 years of marriage.

Caan ended his relationship with Aisha facing up to $25 million pay-out to her as she helped him build his whole empire.So, now that he is single again has the millionaire moved on in his life? 

Is Business Tycoon James Caan Single? Or is He Dating Someone?

 After separating from his wife of 32 years in 2016, James Caan is probably single at the moment. Or, Caan is trying not to ruin his public reputation and keeping his affair/s private?

James Caan at the Asian Women Of Achievement Awards

James Caan at the Asian Women Of Achievement Awards

James Caan met his ex-wife Aish in the early 1980s for the first time and eventually, they fell in love. But, that is not all about their love story. 

Millionaire James Caan and Ex-Wife Aisha’s Love Story

 British-Pakistani businessman, James Caan, met his former wife Aisha during an interview he had with her in the 80s. And, from the very first day, Caan saw Aisha, he knew that she was something different and was attracted towards her.

James Caan,56 and his former wife Aisha, 59

James Caan,56 and his former wife Aisha, 59

In the words of James Caan himself,

When she came into the office for an interview - attractive, feisty and well-educated - she was very different to other Muslim girls I’d met, and I was captivated.

Also, in his autobiography, The Real Deal: My Story from Brick Lane to Dragons’ Den, he states that he even offered Aisha a job but, she turned it down, but later she admitted to becoming his wife instead.

In his words

The trouble was, when I offered her a job, she turned it down and said she had decided she was going to pursue her dream of opening a boutique instead and desperate not to lose touch with her, I offered to invest in her business, even though I had no savings.

And after they started their business together, at the age of 21, Caan proposed Aisha and she accepted.

Their marriage took place on New Year’s Day 1983. In 32 years of their marriage, they have two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Jemma. However, the couple has gone their separate ways after three decades together. 

Quick Facts:

  • James Caan was born Nazim Khan.
  • He was born on 28th of December, 1960.
  • He was born in Lahore, Punjab.
  • Caan's family migrated to the United Kingdom when he was two years old.
  • His work as a sales boy, going door to door in his first job.
  • He didn’t go to school and didn’t attend any University as an undergraduate.
  • Later, he graduated from the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in 2003.
  • He has a net worth of £95 million.