Miles Davis Guitarist And Madonna Producer, Reggie Lucas Dies At 65

News by Joey Jordan Published on 20 May,2018 Updated on 20 May,2018

Former Miles Davis' Band Member And Lyricist For Madonna, Reggie Lucas Dies At 65

  • Former Miles Davis' band guitarist, Reggie Lucas died at 65.
  • His daughter Lisa Lucas confirmed his death.
  • He died of heart diseases in New York City on Saturday, 19th May.
  • Lucas had also worked for Madonna as a producer in her self-titled debut album in 1983 which was a blockbuster hit.

The Grammy-winning musician and the former producer and lyricist for Madonna, Reggie Lucas died in New York City on Saturday, 19th of May. He was aged 65.

Lucas' daughter Lisa confirmed her father's death to Rolling Stone, revealing the cause of his death as heart disease. Before on the day, Lucas took to her Twitter announcing her father's death.

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"Reggie Lucas, my adored and beloved father, passed away early this morning at the age of 65," Lucas wrote on Twitter. She added, "he made beautiful music, a beautiful family, a beautiful life and I will miss him every single day I live on this earth.

Lucas joined the band Miles Davis in 1972 at 18 as a guitarist. Talking to The Fader, he told his audition to be recruited in the band was simple. He reminisced the day saying,

Miles said, 'You wanna be in my band, motherfu***r?' And I immediately said yeah.

Many of Lucas' fans took to social media to tribute the late guitarist, some of the tweets are:

Lucas also worked for songstress Madonna in 1983 where he was a producer of her self-titled album. The album was debut album for the songstress, and it sold more than 5 million copies.

Reggie Lucas is survived by mother Annie Wolinsky, wife Leslie Lucas, daughter Lisa Lucas, a son Julian Lucas.