Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson's Unsteady Love Life Turned to Marriage in 2016, All The Details

The Olympics champion swimmer Michael Phelps and former Miss California USA Nicole Johnson secretly married on June 13th, 2016 at Paradise Valley, Arizona, and they share a baby boy named Boomer who was born a month before their wedding on May 6th, 2016.

The couple had ups and downs in their relationship in the past but how is it after they have been married?  Is it same or something has changed? Let's find out.

Ups and Downs in Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson Relationship

Mr. and Mrs. Phelps were together since 2007 but it was not a smooth road to walk for the couple as they had some problems in late 2011. So much so that they broke up for THREE years! 

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnso

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson

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In 2014, the Olympian was going through the worst time of his life as he was sent to rehab for DUI and he also had faced career setbacks and others in November of 2014. It was a hard time in his life.

The swimmer's self-proclaimed former flame Taylor Lianne Chandler came forward with some graphic detail of their sex life. Followed by an incident in March, where Kim Petro gave a story to the National Enquirer claiming that Phelps gave $900 for Chandler to come to his Hotel in February 2013.

Michael Phelps and Taylor Lianne Chandler

Michael Phelps

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However, bad times didn't last long for the Gold Medalist. Phelps got out from rehab and same time around his girlfriend was pregnant with his first child, in 2015. The duo was so happy that they shared the news via Instagram.

And in February 2015, Phelps and Johnson got engaged. It was reported that they were planning a wedding. However, the wedding didn't quite happen on time. Here's why

Why didn't Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson's Wedding go as Planned?

The couple planned to get married sooner than later in presence of a big audience of guests. However, in contrary to that, they got married secretly in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Michael Phelps married Nicole Johnson

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson

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But the wedding was not secret for long as the pair shared photos of their beachside wedding in Mexico where Nicole wore custom Julie Vino for the event. 

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson's Married Life

It's been a year since their wedding, however, the couple has been together for more than 9 years. They celebrated their son, Boomer's one year birthday with a lot of love which made the headlines recently.

The Phelps shared some memorable photos of their family back to back on Instagram on their son's one year birthday!

Boomer's one year borthday

Boomer's birthday celebration

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Both Mr. and Mrs, Phelps shared photos of their one-year-old son on their Instagram.Some way to celebrate a birthday.For more update on Michael Phelps and fresh celebrity gossip, keep coming back to Article Bio.


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