Member Of Xscape Tameka Cottle In Dilemma About Divorcing T.I

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 26 Apr,2017 Updated on 31 May,2017

American singer from Georgia, Tameka Cottle was apparently going to divorce her husband TI.

TI is an American rapper from Atlanta. Songs of his no mediocre, live your life was highly appreciated.


Things were not good between the couple. They decided to split. But now when it’s time to take the step Tiny is in a dilemma.

The 41 years old singer has various thought about signing the paper. She is conscious of their children.  If sources are to be believed, she is scared of divorcing T.I because she has no intentions of putting their children to an emotional roller coaster.


Commenting on T.I‘s attitude she stated. “TIP’s so controlling, even with the kids. He thinks he’s the smartest man on earth who knows everything and believes that what he says goes.”

T.I, on the other hand, has denied her of taking their daughter ‘heiress’ on the Xscape reunion tour. Tiny on the other note think of fighting with T.I for custody and visitation with children willing themselves with whom they want to stay.