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Melora Herdin full name is Melora Daine Hardin who was born in June 29, 1967 and she is professionally working as an actress in American film industry. The birth place of Melora is located in Houston, Texas of United States and she is running 48 years old in her age. Her character defined as Jan Levinson is among the best performance made by her in the Office and along with this she is also remembered as Turdy Monk within the Monk. The active years of this popular diva with the start of her journey was from the year 1977 and till the current time she is able to deliver her best performance among the people. Her mother name is Diane who herself was an acting manager/coach as well as retired being as an actress. Similarly, her father was also an actor whose name is Jerry Hardin.

Melora joined Patrick Henry Junior School for her early level of schooling and she also moved towards San Fernando Valley for her education during the very time. Her family also got shifted towards the very place during the time when she was just 4 years old therefore she joined her college education within Sarah Lawrence College for her further level of study. The very first acting career of Melora started with her entry in the popular television series named as Thunder that came in the year 1977 till the year 1978. After her progressive performances she also got appeared within more than 70 movies during the very time with making her progressive and grand performance and presentation styles.

Melora is a married lady and she is very stable with her relationship status. She is currently the mother of 2 children and making a healthy family life by providing adequate time. After 2 years of affair she got married with her boyfriend whom now she claims as her spouse and his name is Gilart Jackson. Gilart and Melora met for the very first time within one private party and from the very time they came closer to each other and started their affair. They got married in the private ceremony between their family and friends and till now they claim that they never stated to having a divorce to end-up their relationship. Melora also states that she is very stable and balanced with her career as well as her personal bio is also equal in order. Melora also teaches dancing to her children’s during their leisure time.

Melora height is 5 feet 7 inches in tall and her sexy figures states that her weight is also very absolute with amazing figures. Melora also claims that her net worth and salary is around 5 million American dollars and that will be more in the near future as according to her with all of her effort and hard work. 

by Bchrome, 03 Mar, 2016

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