Meg Wagner Tweets about the Tropical Storm Flooding Houston That Provoked Fire

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 28 Aug,2017 Updated on 28 Aug,2017

The largest city in Texas, US, Houston is flooding. A tropical storm Harvey has flooded entire Houston.

Several deaths have been claimed and reports suggest trapped residences were seen climbing higher floors and terraces.


A man was killed earlier the day because of the electric fire when the storm Houston area. The death toll is expected to rise and reports of 5 dead till now is rounding the internet.

The water level is continuously rising and over 1000 residents are rescued over night from a flash flood.

Source: MotherJones

Texas governor, Greg Abbott was quoted saying "It is bad and growing worse.”

Many houses are flooded leaving damage worth billions of dollars.

"This appears to be either the worst or one of the worst floods Houston has ever had. We are measuring it not in inches but in feet," Abbott expressed his views to CBS television news.







CNN breaking news editor Meg Wagner in a series of tweets mentioned the devasting flood over taking on Houston other areas.