Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj Success behind story

News by Bartle Published on 21 Mar,2016 Updated on 21 Mar,2016

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are the pillars of each other for their successful career.  As soon as they fall into affair they started crediting each other for their success story. Nicki and Meek are even spotted in the public places as mentioning about their successful affair time. Nicki also stated she has felling the sense of change as soon as she falls into the love of meek. Meek also dictated the same statement about Nicki thought they are silent of getting married in the present time and Nicki has her mentality of professionalize her career more and only to fall into married life.

Meek is also getting a high profile of attention from the media not only from the paparazzi but also from superstar rap foes. He has been dictated as a person with the best-selling album of the year which is Dreams Worth More than Money. This was officially disclosed in June 29. Currently, he is managing both of his time within the professional and personal affair where Nicki is the motivational factor for him for his more ratio of success. Meek is also confident that Nicki can be a supportive spouse as soon as they got married.

Nicki Minaj is also in a deep affair with this American Hip-Hop artist and they are a romantic couple according to their close and near friends. Nicki and Meek as not even faced any controversy regarding their affair stories and they claimed as well as promised each other that they are never ever giving divorce to each other to end up their relationship. Meek and Nicki has even planned the name of their children, they are also planning to get a new home to settle themselves. Nicki is planning to gift the new apartment of her love boy in their love anniversary soon.

Nicki and Meek claimed they fight for a small issues many times but their fights are wrapped up in a short duration of time so there are minimum misunderstanding among them. Nicki appreciates the hobbies and interests of Meek so does Meek towards Nicki. Both of them are straight in their sexuality and Meek also gifted Diamond ring to Nicki last week. They also love travelling far from cities with long drive in their free time and share their romances. Nicki also states Meek are sometimes lazy in romance and she gets irritated with this act of him.

Nicki and Meek are both the searched face in the social media. Mostly, they are watched in twitter with their high fan following and mentioning. Meek has also shared the photos of their together in Instagram where it is liked by many of their fans. Nicki has also clicked and posted the pictures of them within the last party with the caption”I am Soooo Happyyyyy Todayyy”.