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Meegan Rubin gained recognition as the ex-wife of American business professional, Michael G. Rubin. While she initially came into the spotlight due to her marriage, her excellence in dance choreography and her career as a dance teacher in New York City have also made her notable.

In this article, we will explore the life, education, marital history, and career of Meegan . Despite being a part of the Rubin family, Meegan has carved her own path and maintained a discreet existence.

Early Life & Education 

Meegan Rubin was born on December 8, 1972, in the United States. Raised by her parents, she had a rather reserved and shy disposition from an early age. She grew up in New York City, which is renowned for iconic landmarks like Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty.

Meegan pursued her education in prestigious institutions. She graduated from New York University's Tisch School of Arts. Later in her life, she attended the University of Arts in Philadelphia.

Meegan Rubin's Family: Parents and Siblings

Meegan is quite private about her family. It is known that her former parents-in-law are Ken Rubin and Paulette Rubin.

Unfortunately, Meegan has not shared details about her parents' personal and professional lives. Whether she has any siblings remains unclear, leaving us to wonder if she is the only child in her family.

Who Is Meegan Rubin's Husband?

The former married pair Meegan Rubin and Michael Rubin exchanged their wedding vows before 2006, though the exact marriage date remains undisclosed. In the early days of their relationship, the dance expert and her former husband were deeply in love. However, their marriage eventually faced challenges.

Meegan Rubin with her ex-spouse Michael Rubin. SOURCE: Pinterest

The Rubin couple, Meegan and Michael, divorced in 2011. While they did not publicly disclose the specific reasons behind their separation, it was evident that their marital bond had weakened over time. Some sources suggested that Michael Rubin's late-night partying, close association with rapper Meek Mill, and rumored extramarital affairs were contributing factors to their breakup.

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Has A Daughter 

Meegan Rubin shares a daughter with her ex-husband, Michael Rubin. The have a daughter named Kylie Rubin, who was born on February 23, 2006. Kylie has grown up and primarily spends her time with her father.

Meegan joined Liberty Me Dance Studio before her marriage. The exact date of her career start as a dance instructor has not been disclosed. It's noteworthy that she does not teach dance at a local school.

What Is Meegan Rubin's Net Worth?

Meegan Rubin has earned a substantial income from her career as a dance teacher, amassing an estimated net worth of $1 million. Additionally, she received a substantial alimony settlement from her divorce, reportedly totaling $25 million.

A Brief Introduction About Meegan's Ex-Husband

Meegan Rubin's ex-husband, Michael G. Rubin, is the current CEO of Fanatics. Born on July 21, 1972, in Philadelphia, Michael is an alumnus of Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Meegan Rubin's former spouse Michael G. Rubin is a billionaire. SOURCE:

Meegan is listed among the World's Richest Billionaires and has been featured in Forbes 400: The Richest People in America, Bloomberg Billionaires Index, and more.

Where Is Meegan Rubin's Now?

Meegan currently resides in New York, living a private life. She remains committed to her career and maintains a close relationship with her daughter. Meegan has opted for a more low-key and private life, distancing herself from the public eye.

Meegan maintains a notable absence from social media platforms. She does not have accounts on popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. In contrast, her ex-partner, Michael Rubin, and his current wife, Camille Fishel, have a significant presence on these platforms.

Meegan's Ex-Spouse Michael's Life After Divorce 

After his divorce from Meegan, Michael Rubin dated two women, eventually marrying Camille Olivia Fishel. The lovely pair Michael and Camille are believed to have been together since 2015, although their exact marriage date is undisclosed.

Meegan Rubin's ex-husband Michael Rubin and his current wife Camille Fishel with their kids on Christmas.  SOURCE: Instagram

Michael and Camille Fishel welcomed a child together, Romi Eloise Rubin, though her birth date and other details have not been publicly revealed. In addition, Camille Fishel gave birth to Gema "Gigi" Paulette Rubin on June 8, 2022.

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Career as a Dance Teacher

Meegan works as a dance teacher at LibertyMe Dance Studio, founded by Bryn Mawr. The dance academy offers students a clean and nurturing environment to learn various dance styles, including hip-hop and jazz.

On the other hand, Meegan's former spouse Michael Rubin is the founder and CEO of Kynetic, a company based in Greater Philadelphia that focuses on capitalizing on consumer Internet business and the digital transformation of commerce.

Physical Appearance

Meegan Rubin has brown eyes and long, silky dark brown hair. She has an oval face shape without any distinctive natural marks or spots.

Meegan stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches (152.4 cm). On the other hand, she weighs 136.7 lbs (62 kg).



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