Massachusetts Man Indicted On 52 Charges Including Kidnap, Murder, And Aggravated Rape

News by Joey Jordan Published on 17 Aug,2018

Stewart Weldon, A Springfield Man Indicted On 52 Charges Including Three Murders, Kidnapping, And Rape

  • Stewart Weldon, a Springfield, Massachusetts man has been indicted on 52 charges including three murder charges, aggravated rape, and kidnapping.
  • He was indicted on the charges on Thursday, 16th August, the Hampden Country District Attorney's office announced.
  • Weldon was arrested on May 27 over a broken taillight.
  • Police searched his home after his arrest where they recovered three women's body.

A Massachusetts man who was suspected of three murders whose bodies were recovered at his Springfield house in May has been convicted on 52 different charges including the three murders.

The Hampden County District Attorney's office announced Stewart Weldon's indiction on Thursday, over two months after his arrest.

CAPTION: Stewart Weldon indicted on 52 charges SOURCE: KIFI

Authorities said the Hampden County Grand Jury indicted Weldon on three counts of murder, five counts of aggravated kidnapping, four counts of kidnapping, eight counts of strangulation, nine counts of aggravated rape, two counts of rape and two counts of assault to rape. The charges, which stretched over a year's time, involved 11 different victims.

Hampden County District Attorney Gullini released the statement after Thursday's court session where he said,

With these fifty-two indictments in hand, we will now begin a vigorous prosecution with an eye towards justice for the victims and their families.

Weldon was arrested on May 27 after a police chase which was started after he broke taillight. Weldon eventually ended the chase crashing his vehicle into a police cruiser and resisted his arrest. Police discovered an injured woman in his car who told police Weldon was going to kill her.

The woman, who suffered several stab wounds, marks from being hit, told police that she was abducted by Weldon and kept in his house for a month where he raped her for a month.

CAPTION: Stewart Weldon, a Massachusetts man indicted on 52 charges SOURCE: YouTube

After the woman's statement, police searched Weldon's house which was registered to his mother. Police found three bodies inside the property, said Gulluni.

Weldon had pleaded not guilty to initial charges of kidnapping, carrying a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, and threat to commit a crime at the time of his arraignment in June.