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Mary Joan Schutz, a known figure, in America, rose to fame as the second wife of the legendary actor Gene Wilder. Gene, who achieved recognition for his performances in more than thirty-seven roles is widely regarded as one of the greatest actors in history.

Despite his professional life, Gene encountered personal challenges through three unsuccessful marriages, one of which was with Mary. If you would like to explore details, about Mary's life experiences, educational background, career journey, and other relevant information, please continue reading below.

Mary's Early Years

During her 90s Mary, who was born on January 12 1930 in Illinois, USA has a mysterious background. Information regarding her parents, siblings, childhood experiences, education journey, and college graduation is not readily available.

The details, about Marys's hobbies and the dynamics of her relationship with her parents also remain unknown. These enigmatic aspects of her history add an element of intrigue, to her life story leaving much to be explored about the factors that influenced Marys's upbringing.

Joan's Married Life

Schutz went through two marriages in her lifetime. There isn't information, about her first husband before she married Gene Wilder. With her husband, they had a daughter named Katharine Wilder. The reasons for their divorce after years of marriage remain undisclosed.

Mary Joan Schutz with Gene Wilder in the picture. Mary got married to Gene Wilder in 1967.
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After the divorce, Mary entered into a relationship, with Gene Wilder in 1967. They got married on October 27 of the year in an intimate ceremony attended by their loved ones. Gene legally adopted Katharine as his daughter.

More on Joan's Former Spouse

Gene Wilder, born Jerome Silberman (June 11, 1933 – August 29, 2016) was a regarded actor, comedian, writer, and filmmaker. He gained popularity for his brilliance and achieved iconic status with his portrayal of Willy Wonka in the film "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" (1971).

Gene Wilder in the picture. Wilder graced the silver screen in timeless classics.
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Working alongside comedy legends Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor, Wilder graced the silver screen in timeless classics like "The Producers" (1967) "Blazing Saddles" (1974) and "Stir Crazy" (1980). Wilder's artistic journey began on stage where he received acclaim for his role as Leopold Bloom in "The Producers," which garnered him an Oscar nomination.

In addition to his acting talent Wilder also ventured into directing with the film "The Woman in Red" (1984). His personal life took a turn when he became an advocate for cancer awareness after the passing of his third wife, Gilda Radner due to ovarian cancer, in 1989.

Schutz's Children

Mary is the proud mother of a beautiful daughter, Katharine Wilder, born from her first marriage. However, details about Katharine's biological father remain undisclosed. Following Gene's adoption of Katharine in 1997, she began referring to him as her father.

Despite being the offspring of the renowned actor, Katharine has chosen to lead a life shielded from the public eye. Reports indicate that the bond between Katharine and Gene fractured when she was twenty-two, though the specific reasons remain unclear.

During a 2002 interview on Larry King Live, Gene expressed the loss of his daughter, alluding to a strained relationship that had developed some time ago.

Mary's Reason For Divorce With Gene And After Life

The reason behind their divorce was Gene's extra affair with one of his co-stars Madeline Kahn. After the divorce, Mary's daughter Katharine stayed away from Gene, though Gene considered her his daughter, the grudge was never hashed. 

Following her separation from Gene, Mary Joan Schutz deliberately retreated from the public eye, maintaining a private and secretive existence. Any potential dating or subsequent marriages after her divorce from Gene remain shrouded in mystery, as Schutz successfully evaded media attention.

 In the years that followed, Mary continued to lead a discreet life, staying out of the limelight and embracing a tranquil existence, particularly in her early 90s. Similar to her mother, Katharine Wilder, the adopted daughter of Gene and Mary, also prefers a low-profile lifestyle.

Despite being active in her acting career, Katharine chooses to keep her personal life away from public scrutiny. If Mary opted not to remarry, given her advanced age, she likely finds contentment in a solitary yet fulfilling life, devoid of the public attention that often accompanies celebrity status.

Schutz's Net Worth

Mary Joan Schutz is said to have a worth of, around $200,000 although information about her pursuits hasn't been revealed in the media.

On the other hand Gene Wilder, her ex-husband had an impressive net worth of $20 million when he passed away. His wealth was primarily a result of his career as an actor and director. With thirty-seven acting credits and ten writing credits to his name, Gene made contributions, to both the entertainment industry and his financial prosperity.

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