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Mars Merkaba Thedford is gaining prominence in the realm of celebrity offspring due to her well-known parents, Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica. Erykah is famous for being a Grammy Award nominee for R&B singer and Jay Electronica, is a rapper. 

As a Starkid, she is already attracting considerable media interest. For further details on Mars's early life, educational history, career, and more, please proceed with reading the following article.

Celebrity Daughter's Early Life 

In the years of her life, Mars, a known personality, in the world of celebrities was born on February 1 2009 in Dallas, Texas, USA. Currently, at the age of 14, Thedford is already leaving her mark. Thedford is of Black ethnicity and holds American citizenship. Her astrological sign is Aquarius, determined by her birth date.

Mars Merkaba Thedford in the picture. Mars Merkaba Thedford is a celebrity child.
SOURCE: Instagram

The name "Mars Merkaba" combines words from languages. The term "Mars" comes from Greek. Represents the "God of War " while "Merkaba" originates, from Hebrew and translates to "chariot." When these elements are brought together they create a name that does not possess a literal meaning.

Mars's Siblings

Mars Merkaba Thedford has two siblings named Seven Sirius Benjamin and Puma Sabti Curry. Seven Sirius, Mars's older brother was born on November 18, 1997. Is the son of Erykah Badu and American musician André 3000.

Puma Sabti Curry, Mars Merkaba Thedford's sister was born on July 5, 2004. She is the daughter of Erykah Badu and Rapper The DOC also known as Tracy Lynn Curry. If you look at Erykah Badu's Instagram account it's clear that the siblings have a loving bond as they live together in the home.

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Thedford's Controversies

Merkaba Thedford despite her age has managed to avoid any controversies. However, her mother, Erykah Badu has not been immune, to controversies and rumors over the years. In January 2018, Badu drew attention for her comments in an article where she sparked controversy by choosing not to pass judgment on comedian Bill Cosby amid sexual assault allegations.

Erykah mentioned seeing good in everyone. Even referred to Hitler. Badu later clarified her statement emphasizing her desire to promote healing for those who have been harmed. Furthermore, Badu faced controversy regarding her views on singer R. Kelly who was accused of abuse.

At a concert, she faced criticism when she mentioned offering a prayer for R. Kelly. Badu addressed the situation through a tweet where she expressed love while condemning his actions and reaffirming her commitment to supporting those who have suffered.

Talented Mars

Thedford demonstrated talent at the tender age of 10. Undoubtedly, inherited her musical abilities from her parents. Her proud mother Erykah Badu shared a video on Instagram showcasing Mars's passion, for music – a trait that she shares with her sister Puma Sabti.

Mars Merkaba Thedford with her mom in the picture. Mars Merkaba Thedford has been a talented girl since her childhood.
SOURCE: Instagram

On January 6 2017 Mars had a performance, on the BET Soul show called Soul Serenade. She appeared alongside her mother Erykah Badu and her sister Puma Sabti. Together they performed a version of Calvin Harris's song 'This Is What You Came For' featuring Rihanna. You can watch their performance, on the YouTube channel of "BET Networks."

Merkaba's Physical Appearance

At her youthful age, Thedford is characterized by her beauty, featuring black hair and black eyes. While detailed body measurements and statistics are not disclosed, her family's profound musical legacy, particularly her mother Erykah Badu's influence, hints at the potential for a promising future in the entertainment industry for Mars Merkaba Thedford.

As she undergoes the natural process of growth and development, there is an eager anticipation for the path she will carve and the influence she will exert, mirroring the achievements of her illustrious parents.

Celebrity Daughter's Net Worth

At the age of 10, Merkaba showcased her singing talent inheriting her musical abilities from her parents. Her proud mother, Erykah Badu shared a video, on Instagram that highlighted Mars's deep passion for music a passion she shares with her sister, Puma Sabti.

On January 6th, 2017 Mars appeared on the BET Soul show Soul Serenade alongside her mother Erykah Badu, and sister Puma Sabti. Together they delivered a rendition of Calvin Harriss's 'This Is What You Came For' featuring Rihanna. You can find their performance video on the BET Networks" YouTube channel.

Mar's Social Media Presence

Despite coming from a celebrity background Mars is not very active on media platforms like Instagram. Occasionally glimpses into her life are provided by her parents through their accounts.

It's worth noting that Mars herself doesn't have an Instagram profile. If you want to catch a glimpse of her life and activities you would need to visit her mother's account. Erykah Badu, widely recognized as the "Queen of Neo Soul " has amassed a following on Instagram with over 6.3 million followers, under the handle @erykahbadu.

Mars, who is the daughter of the rapper Jay Electronica shares glimpses into her father's life, on Instagram. With a @jayelectronica he has amassed over 273 thousand followers. It is interesting to note that Mars receives homeschooling from her mother, which gives her the freedom to shape her journey, in life.

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