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Marion Shalloe is famously known as the former wife of English broadcaster, journalist, writer, and television personality, Piers Morgan. She had previously worked as a hospital ward attendant. Shalloe is also a mother of three children.

Marion Shalloe's 17-Year Marriage To Piers Morgan

Marion got married to Piers Morgan in 1991, while Marion was working as a hospital ward attendant. At the time, Piers was still trying to find his footing in the journalism world. He was working as a freelance writer for The Sun when he met and fell in love with Marion.

Marion and ex-husband, Piers Morgan SOURCE: Metropolitan

Piers made it big as a journalist after his marriage to Marion Shalloe. He got his big break as the head writer in the newspaper's show business column "Bizarre." He went on to become the editor of Britain’s national daily, News of the World in 1994, being the youngest editor in a national daily in more than 50 years. Piers would soon climb the ranks, moving from writing to being a TV personality.

Piers and Marion share three children together. Their oldest son, Spencer William Morgan, was born in July 1993. They gave birth to their second son, Stanley Christopher Morgan, in June 1997. Their third child was born in December 2000, whom they named Albert Douglas Morgan.

Having three children together couldn't save Marion and Piers’ marriage. Already a controversial figure, Marion and Piers separated in 2008, after nearly 17 years together.

Piers would go on to marry his second wife, journalist Celia Walden, in June 2010. Together, they have a daughter named Elise, born on 25 November 2011. Piers currently hosts his show, Piers Morgan Tonight? on CNN.

As of 2019, Marion is believed to be single. She plays a doting single mother to her three sons, now fully-grown adults.

Marion with her eldest son, Spencer Morgan SOURCE: Instagram: @spencermorgan

Her eldest son, Spencer, is following in his father's footsteps and is already an Instagram sensation. Courtesy of his parents’ wealth, Spencer takes to social media to flaunt his lavish lifestyle, visiting expensive clubs, surrounding himself with beautiful women, and hanging out with A-list celebrities.

Marion Shalloe's Net Worth 

Even though there are no official records of the extent of Marion’s wealth, her ex-husband's wealth has been well-doc u mented. As of 2019, Piers is worth $20 million. He hosts his show, "Piers Morgan Tonight?" on CNN, and is paid an annual salary of $2 million.

Being one of the most recognizable faces, not only on British television but worldwide, it is not surprising that the Brit is a millionaire.

With Piers being worth so much, it is speculated that when he divorced Marion, she got a significant chunk of his wealth. Piers also paid child support to Marion to raise their three sons. Hence, factoring in all these, Marion is speculated to be a millionaire herself.

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