Marie Whitney's Husband Theo Epstein and Married Life. Find more about the two, here

News by Clarence Published on 03 Mar,2017 Updated on 03 Mar,2017

Marie Whitney, an American businesswoman, is married to Theo Epstein. Theo currently serves as the president of baseball operations for the Chicago Clubs of 'Major League Baseball'.

The couple has two adorable baby boys. Know more about their married life and relationship details.

Marie and Theo are happily living with and their children

Marie and Theo dated for a long time before getting married in 2007. The couple got engaged in 2006 and married after a year.

Image: Theo Epstein and Marie Whitney, his wife

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Despite being parents to two children, they still look like young lovebirds. Marie and Theo frequently share about their marriage life on their sites. Theo currently lives in Chicago, California with his beautiful wife and children.

Know more about Marie Whitney

Marie Whitney, the wife of the president of Chicago baseball clubs, is the founder of Two Penny Blue.


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She always wanted to build a company since her young age. In 2016, in an interview with 'Chicago magazine', she revealed that,

I had a dream of starting something of my own to give me flexibility in this crazy baseball life.

She also added that she shared her sense of crisp tailoring frames with her husband and kids.

The 38-year-old Marie Whitney is a native of Boston. She is involved in several charities and humanitarian campaigns.

Know more about Theo Epstein

43-years-old Theo Epstein was born as Theo Nathaniel Epstein. He is the son of notable novelist Leslie Epstein and his grandfather was the award-winning screenwriter.

Image: Theo with his father and his children

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Theo has graduated in the American Studies from the Yale University. Then he served as a sports editor at Yale Daily for some months.

Then he enrolled for Juris doctor degree at the University of the San Diego School of law.
In 2002, he became GM of Boston Red Sox and started his professional career. He spent seven years there and moved to Chicago Clubs.

In October 2011, he signed a five contract with $1.8 million with the Chicago Clubs.