Has Mariah Carey Moved On After Her Million Dollar Split From James Packer? Details About Her Engagement Break-Off And New Boyfriend!

News by Valdemar Published on 04 Dec,2017 Updated on 04 Dec,2017

Mariah Carey got a multimillion-dollar settlement from her billionaire ex-fiancé James Packer claiming their split caused her inconvenience.

Just like they say, get you a man who will pay you millions for the inconvenience of dating him!!

The American singer, songwriter, record producer and an actress, Mariah Carey broke off the engagement with Australian businessman and investor, James Packer, and got a compensation of $3 million.

 Has she moved on already? Who is Mariah Carey Dating at the moment, back with an ex perhaps?

Mariah Carey and James Packer's Expensive Break-Up

We Belong together singer Mariah Carey, and James Packer called it quits back in 2016, October and Carey demanded $ US 50 million as “inconvenience fee”.

According to her, she moved to Los Angeles to be with Packer which uprooted her life. But later the singer settled for a much lesser amount, $3 million.

Mariah Carey and James Packer on May 14, 2016,at the GLAAD Media Awards

Mariah Carey and James Packer on May 14, 2016, at the GLAAD Media Awards

Not to forget, she got to keep the incredible 35-carat diamond ring from her engagement with Packer, which she wears often- despite their split.

Mariah Carey with wearing her 35-carat engagementring

Mariah Carey wearing her 35-carat engagement ring

The couple first met in 2014, at the premiere Hercules and went public with their relationship in June that year.

Her ex-fiancé, James proposed her in January 2015 with the same 35-carat diamond ring she still wears. However, both struggled to maintain their relationship. According to sources, many issues like James not wanting to be in the spotlight, his temper and Carey's relationship with her back up dancer among other things led them to separate.

After her separation from James, she moved on and started dating Bryan Tanaka but they aren’t really stable in their relationship, as the couple has been on and off for a few times now.

Mariah Carey close to Bryan Tanaka on Stage During N.Y.C Performance

Mariah Carey close to Bryan Tanaka on Stage During N.Y.C Performance

The rumor is that they are allegedly together again. So it is true? Let’s find out

Is Mariah Carey back With Bryan Tanaka again? 

Well, the on/off couple, Mariah and Tanaka, seems to be on at the moment. Though there was a news about their separation after being together for 5 months, it seems that couple is on and are having a great time together.

 Mariah posted a picture on 24th of October 2017 with Bryan Tanaka, with no caption but just a love sign. After all the breakups and separations Mariah has had, let's hope she ends up happy in this one! 

Mariah Carey with her boyfriendBryan Tanaka, Source: Instagram

Mariah Carey with her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka

But, her ex-husband Nick Cannon, doesn’t think the same about Carey's new love. Well, according to him their romance is just like a soap opera plot.

Well, best wishes for Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka.

Quick Facts

  • Mariah Carey was Born on March 27, 1970.
  • She was born in Huntington, New York.
  • Mariah completed her high school from Harborfields High School, Green Lawn.
  • Completed High School At Harborfields High School, Greenlawn.
  • She started her career as a singer in 1988.
  • She got Grammy’s Best New Artist awards in 1991.
  • Mariah’s estimated net worth is around $520 million.