Marcos Gonzalez

Inside Biography

Marcos Andres Gonzalez Salazar is popularly known to the world as Marcos Gonzalez is a Chilean professional football player. He was born on 9 June 1980 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He plays as a defender for his team. He currently plays for Flamengo. He has a Chilean citizenship through his native place is Brazil. He had moved to Chile at the age of two and has developed a spectacular place for himself in the arena of football.   

Marcos González's Career  

 Marcos's career started in 1999 when he started playing for Universidad de Chile. He played for them till 2003. In 2002 he was loaned to Rangers. He had signed a contract with an Argentinean club Colon de Santa Fe playing for the club till 2005. He joined his previous group Chile back in 2005 to play for Palestino. He played for the Columbus crew against Universidad Catolica in 2006 season. He played altogether 54 matches for Universidad de Chile from 1999-2003.

He was loaned to club Rangers in 2002 and appeared in twenty-three matches. He was then transferred to Colon in 2004 and played for the club till one year appearing in altogether 13 matches. He returned back to his former team Chile to play for Palestino in 2005 and appeared in thirty-seven matches. He joined the club Columbus crew for the season 2006-2007 and played forty-eight matches.

He signed a two-year contract with Universidad Catolica from 2008-2010 and has appeared in eighty-seven matches striking ten goals for the club. He joined the team Universidad de Chile again in 2011 and played twenty-seven matches registering only one goal. He was then transferred to Flamengo for the season 2012-2014 and has played forty-four matches for the club registering two goals till date. He was later signed by Union Espanola in the year 2014. He has represented Chile in international league twenty-nine times.

Besides, his team was also chosen as the qualifier for 2006 World Cup and 2014 World Cup. He is a player with strong defense ability, Header accuracy. He has an excellent physical endurance with extremely high stamina, kicking power as well as body balance. The defender is also admired for his tenacity.         

Marriage, Market Value, And Personal Details

Marcos Gonzalez is married to Delia Gonzalez and has four children with her named Mateo Gonzalez, Paulo Gonzalez, Trinidad Gonzalez and Benjamin Gonzalez. His estimated salary is 1.032 million BRL. His height is 1.90m and weight is 85 kg. His market value is 300,000 Euros. 

Awards And Achievements

During his career, he has won several honors such as Chilean Primera Division 1999, 2000, 2011 Apertura and 2011 Clausura, Copa Chile 2000, Copa Sudamericana 2011, Copa do Brasil 2013.  

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