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Marc Alaimo is an American actor known best for portraying negative roles on television and films.  He is best known for his role as recurring villain Gul Dukat in the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Early Life, Bio, And Education Of Marc Alaimo

Marc Alaimo was born on 5th May 1942 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his family history and educational background is unknown. It is however known that his television roles and interest in acting spewed up only after he was 30 years of age starting from 1972.

Marc Alaimo's Professional Career 

His appearances as villains have been seen on shows like The Bionic Woman, Baretta, Kojak, Gunsmoke, The Incredible Hulk, Starsky and Hutch, Knight Rider, Quincy, Family Guy, Hill Street Blues, The Greatest American Hero, Quantum Leap, Walker, etc.

Moreover, his few feature films like the 1983 movie Mr. Mom, 1984 science fiction The Last Starfighter, Naked Gun, Tango and Cash, The Final Insult, The Dead Pool etc. have portrayed him. His appreciated role has been as Curtis Block in the television movie Case Closed. He has also appeared as a security officer present in Mars in the movie Total Recall.

Marc has also portrayed roles in the Star Trek: The Next Generation, alongside Patrick Stewart, Michelle Forbes, Whoopi Goldberg, Wil Wheaton, Marina Sirtis, and many others. He started appearing in the show since the first season and has portrayed a number of roles in the show. The show Data has portrayed him as a poker player and he started playing the role of Gul Dukar in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, on 1993.

The character became a best-known one and he portrayed the role for 33 episodes in total. He has also appeared in 21 Jump Street and has been featured in the video game of 2006, Call of Juarez. He has also been starred in the prequel of the video game. He has also lent his voice in episodes of Family Guy.

Marc Alaimo's Net Worth And Major source Of Income

This legendary actor has portrayed villainous roles on several television shows and films. Owing to his experience it can be well confirmed that he has a net worth of millions, but the exact amount is not known to his fans yet. His net worth as per some source can be believed to be around $1 million. The actor's major source of income is his acting career. 

In the year 1980, Marc played the role in the movie Seems Like Old Time which became the quite hit at the box office racking up over $43 million worldwide. 

Star Trek fans do like him and information about him can be searched on social networking sites and biography sites like the wiki.

Marc Alaimo's Wife, Affair, Relationship, And Married 

As far as his personal life is concerned, it is known that he has already been married twice. From his first marriage, he has a son Michael Antony Alaimo who was born in 1971. The whereabouts of his first wife are unknown. On 1989, a daughter named Ariel Rose was born from his second marriage.

The whereabouts about his second wife unknown. However, the fact that is well known is that he had been divorced since 1992. According to tabloids and news regarding the Star Trek actors, it was announced on 20120 that he was engaged to be married to someone. The rumor has not yet been confirmed and it is not known whether Alaimo is a married man or not as of now.

Alaimo's height is  6' (1.83 m). 

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