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Mads Mikkelsen is a Danish actor who gained acclaim for his significant role in the movie King Arthur, however, his big break came in 2006 after he landed the main role in the twenty-first James Bond film, Casino Royale. 

Mads Mikkelsen was born with his birth name Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen who was born on 22 November 1965 and now he is 57 years old. He was born in Osterbro, Copenhagen and he is popular in his profession as an actor.

Early Life & Ethnicity of Mads Mikkelsen

Additionally, Mads is also popular being as a gymnast and a dancer. Mads in the year 1996 officially started his acting career and from that very time established himself within the industry.

Mads is of Danish ethnicity. He is the second son of his parents and his father's name is Henning Mikkelsen who was professionally working as a bank teller.

Mads' father was also a trade union official and his mother is a nurse named Bente Christiansen. His older brother is also an actor name Lars and both of them were born in Norrebro. He was the youngest child out of the children of his parents.

Early Career 

Mads Mikkelsen started his acting career by appearing in the movie Pusher. He worked within Pusher during the year 1996.

It was the film by Nicholas Winding Refn and the film is also stated as an internationally successful film till the present time. His first entry within the film industry itself as a big hit made him win the heart of the people.

Career During 2000

This encouraged him to work in the industry for a longer duration. Similarly, working within Bleeder during the year 1999 was also challenging for him which was the opposite of Kim Bodnia.

The most challenging role he ever did was during the year 2000 when he played a gangster in the movie named Flickering Lights and with one after another hit success he raised his popularity in the industry.

What Is Mads Mikkelsen's Net Worth? His Earnings & Riches

Mads Mikkelsen's estimated net worth as per celebrity net worth is around $14 million. In the year 2016, the actor landed the role in the movie Rogue One.

It became a quite hit at the box office racking up over $1 billion worldwide, making it the 27th highest-grossing film of all time, and the second highest-grossing film of 2016. The movie stars Felicity JonesDiego Luna, and many others. 

Mads Mikkelsen's Wife

Mads Mikkelsen's personal life looks very interesting and simple. The actor got married to his spouse Hanne Jacobsen who is a professional choreographer and actress too. The couple tied the knot on Dec 2, 2000. 

Since the year 2000, they are having a wonderful love life. This started in the year 1987 when they publicly stated each other as girlfriend and boyfriend.

Father Of Two Son

Now, making Jacobsen his spouse he stated he is totally happy and satisfied with his married life and there is no mention of the couple getting a divorce. They are now the parents of two children, a son Carl and a daughter named Viola.

Mads moves his living location to Toronto in the year 2012. He is also mentioned as the “Sexiest Man” in Denmark that was done to the polls. 

Mads Mikkelsen's Height, Age, And Other Facts 

  • Mads Mikkelsen's height is 6feet (183 cm).
  • Mikkelsen's age as of 2023 is 57 years. 
  • Birth Name: Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen
  • Nationality: Dutch 
  • Ethnicity: Mixed


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