Maddi Bragg and her boyfriend Jacob less known personal life

News by Bartle Published on 09 May,2016 Updated on 09 May,2016

Maddi Bragg is a YouTube star who has managed to accumulate the attention of a huge number of fans across the world at the mere age of 17. She has managed to become well known for her endeavors carried out in the field of the internet fraternity, but her personal life details in regards to her relationship with her boyfriend has been less talked about.

Bragg has been on an affair with boyfriend Jacob Taff only recently. Her boyfriend is an electronic music artist and she formally introduced her boyfriend to the general public through a video on YouTube named “My Boyfriend does my Makeup”. The video showcased the pair cozy and comfortable with each other and he was seen doing the makeup of the pretty beauty and helping her along with her endeavors. Bragg’s boyfriend is an aspiring electronic music producer who has his soundtracks made available on Soundcloud as well as on YouTube. For Maddi, he is a music idol and guitar guru too.

Maddi herself is an extremely famous personality who has been known for her channel named madisenrosebeauty1. Her channel has more than 1.2 million subscribers and she also owns a second channel with a total of 275 thousand subscribers. Also actively indulged in Vine, she has 750 thousand followers on the short video channel. Her relationship with her boyfriend Jacob seems to be getting along pretty well and they look extremely good together on screen. She seems to be extremely devoted to her beau and has showcased him on several of her videos. They are both active on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and have surpassed the attention of a huge number of fans across the world for the cute and envious love they have between them. It sure can be hoped that they will make their relationship more permanent and get married real soon.