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MacKenzie Bezos is an American novelist and author but in the media, she is popular as the wife of the richest person in the world, Jeff Bezos. She married the Amazon CEO more than 25 years ago but their marriage in 2019 is struggling after Jeff’s affair with Lauren Sánchez was discovered. The couple also released a joint statement on Twitter announcing their plans to get a divorce on 23rd January 2019.        

Early Life And Education Of MacKenzie Bezos

MacKenzie Bezos was born MacKenzie S. Tuttle on April 7, 1970, in San Francisco, California, U.S. Her Zodiac sign is Aries, represented by the symbol of the Ram. Her personality has traits of this sign as she is adventurous, courageous, and versatile.  

She was born to Ted Jorgensen and Jacqueline Gise, her mother was a homemaker and father was a financial planner. Bezos belongs to White ethnicity and she holds American nationality.

After attending Hotchkiss High School, Connecticut, she studied at Princeton University where she graduated with the highest honors in 1992.

MacKenzie Bezos’s Career

Bezos started her professional career way back when she was in college, her struggles started in her college days as she worked as a dishwasher, waitress, clothing salesperson, deli cashier, restaurant hostess, library monitor, data entry clerk, tutor, nanny, and research a s sistant to Toni Morrison, according to her Amazon bio.

She also worked for her husband by working at D. E. Shaw, a New York City hedge fund. She later worked for Jeff’s company Amazon as an accountant. She was a bit disappointed as she always dreamt of becoming a writer but had to leave her home town and move to Seattle to work at the company.

Unofficially she authored "The Book Worm" when she was 6 years old that got lost in a flood. Notably, she is the first employee of Amazon. 

She worked at the company and later published two books, "The Testing of Luther Albright" in 2005 and "Traps" in 2013. Her writing skill was recognized from when she was a child, as her teacher remarked "one of the best students I've ever had in my creative-writing cla s ses ... really one of the best."

She also started serving as executive director for the anti-bullying organization Bystander Revolution, the organization which she founded by herself.

MacKenzie Bezos’s Net Worth-Is She Going To Be The Richest Woman In The World Post Her Divorce? 

MacKenzie chooses not to reveal her net worth to the public, however, she must be a rich author and executive director. She earns from her book sales as well as her position in her organization. Her books are well rated and have sold decent amounts.

Her 2013 book Traps is priced at $12.99 for the Kindle edition and $11.27 for the paperback edition. Similarly, The Testing of Luther Albright: A Novel costs $8.99 for the Kindle edition and $43.00 for the Hardcover edition. 

Her husband, Jeff, on the other hand, is the richest person in the world with a staggering net worth of $137 billion as of January 2019. He started a company back in 1994 with a small investment from his parents of $250,000 and now owns a trillion dollar company. The lowest wages at Amazon is around $30,000 a year and Jeff himself was paid a salary of $81,840 in 2017.

Due to issues in her marital life, she has filed for divorce from Jeff. According to the law of Washington state if the divorce is finalized she would be given half of the net worth of Jeff Bezos as there was no prenuptial agreement between the two before their marriage.

Jeff has a net worth of $137 billion, which would amount to around $67 billion. If this happens she would be ranked as the 5th richest person in the world and the richest woman in the world. 

MacKenzie Bezos’s Personal Life- Did Jeff Bezos Cheat? How Many Children Does Jeff Bezos Have?

MacKenzie got married to Jeff Bezos in 1993 and moved together to Seattle, Washington in 1994 to support and work for her husband as he just established his company, Amazon. The couple has 4 children together including their son Preston Bezos.

The couple was happily married for more than 25 years when crack began to appear in their marriage. It was revealed that Jeff had an affair with Lauren Sanchez who is married to Patrick Whitesell. The conversation between Jeff and Sanchez indicated that Jeff cheated on his wife and when the divorce was announced the nail was hit on the head.

They announced their divorce via Twitter on 23rd January 2019. The final decision is yet to be made. 

Body Measurements 

  • Height: She has a height 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm. 
  • Body type: MacKenzie's body falls in the slim category.   

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