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Inside Biography

Born on March 22, 1994, in Berlin, Germany, Luise von Finckh is an actress whose journey began at the age of 10 in the musical "Les Misérables" at the Theater. Her notable works include appearances in "Vienna Blood" (2019), "Fette Kumpelz," and "Liebling Kreuzberg 2.0."

Active on social media, Luise has amassed a following of 35K on Instagram (@luisevonfinckh). However, information regarding her highest-rated and lowest-rated films is unavailable on Rotten Tomatoes.

Early Life

Born on March 22, 1994, in Berlin, Germany, Luise Von Finckh ventured into acting at the age of ten, debuting in the musical "Les Misérables" at the Theater. As of now, she is in her late 20s and grew up in Berlin. Details about her family background remain undisclosed.

Von Finckh pursued a media-related course at Zeppelin University in Germany and underwent diverse acting training, including coaching with Frank Betzelt, the Jack Waltzer Acting Studio in Paris, and the Berlin Studio (Acting Laboratory at Prodromos Antoniadis). However, specifics regarding her formal education remain unmentioned in available search results.

What Is Luise Von Finckh's Net Worth?

As of now, Luise Von Finckh's net worth is $1 Million. Her acting career stands as the primary source of income, potentially supplemented by earnings from brand endorsements.

Luise Von Finckh's net worth is $1 Million. SOURCE: WireImage

Unfortunately, conflicting data persists regarding Luise's net worth, and specific details about her assets or additional income sources remain unavailable in the search results.

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Career Highlights

Luise Von Finckh, a versatile German actress, has made significant contributions across television, film, and stage productions. She gained recognition for her role in the 2007 series "Rindvieh à la carte" and notably portrayed Clara Weiss in the series "Vienna Blood" from 2019 to 2022. 

Luise's credits include noteworthy performances in "Bonn - Alte Freunde, neue Feinde" and "Das Begräbnis" in 2022. Beginning her acting journey at a young age, von Finckh underwent training from various sources and pursued media studies at Zeppelin University in Germany. Unfortunately, specific details about her early career and certain projects are unavailable in the provided search results.

Who Is Luise Von Finckh's Boyfriend?

Luise Von Finckh, a prominent German actress, maintains a private stance regarding her personal life, including her relationships, which remain relatively undisclosed in public. Unfortunately, no information about her current boyfriend or past relationships is available in the search results.

Luise Von Finckh is single at the moment.  SOURCE: Filmmakers

Luise has refrained from publicly sharing details about her relationship status, leading to an assumption of her being single. Despite rumors linking her closely to her co-star Thomas Drechsel, neither party has confirmed any romantic involvement. At present, von Finckh prioritizes her acting career and has effectively kept her personal life out of the public eye.

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Luise Is Active On Instagram

Luise von Finckh maintains a significant presence on various social media platforms. With approximately 35K followers on her Instagram account @luisevonfinckh, she regularly shares personal and professional updates, providing glimpses into her life and career.

Additionally, Luise's verified Facebook page @Luise von Finckh boasts 14K followers, but she does not have a presence on Twitter. Her active engagement on social media platforms serves as a means to connect with her fan base, offering insights into her work and aspects of her personal life.


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