Lucy Watson and boyfriend on a vacation after quitting Made in Chelsea? Photos here

News by Saburo Published on 12 Apr,2017 Updated on 12 Apr,2017

 Made In Chelsea's  Lucy Watson and James Dunmore is an off-screen couple now? Both of them quit the show in September 2016 and it was reported the reason was that they wanted to give their relationship more time! Well! Well! Well! Sounds interesting, let's dive in.

Watson and Dunmore reportedly started dating in 2015, after meeting in a London-based show. And now, Lucy Watson apparently left the show that made her career for Dunmore, he was also associated with the show. 

This seems to be  a Hollywood movie kind of love story!

Did James Dunmore and Lucy Watson leave Made in Chelsea for their relationship?

The dating rumors ofJames Dunmore and Lucy Watson came out in the year 2015 and after a year, the couple decided to leave the show, Made In Chelsea.

Even though Lucy said that she wanted to leave the show because she wanted to follow her dreams do other projects. Her friend and co-star Frankie Gaff told BANG Showbiz;

'Lucy's not going to be in the next series. At the moment she's decided not to because she's loved up.'

It seems like Frankie is right as  Lucy  Watson hasn't been doing many new projects, instead, she is seen vacationing with her boyfriend James Dunmore.

                                 Lucy Watson and James Dunmore in vacation


The couple was also seen together with a dog in the part in 2015, before leaving Made in Chelsea.

James Dunmore and Lucy Watson with a dog in the park

James Dunmore and Lucy Watson with a dog in the park


That's not the end of it, James and Lucy also spend the Christmas and New Year on Caribbean island with James' family to welcome 2017 with a sweet Instagram post and a luxurious beach party.

James Dunmore and Lucy Watson on a vacation

James Dunmore and Lucy Watson in a vacation


And here's an Instagram post where Lucy and James wished everyone a happy new year from 31st December.


happy new year!!! i this one too much, be grateful for the people closest to you

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They've been vacationing so much, here's one from Feb. 14, 2017.


love and stuff @james_dunmore

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Another one with the Helicopter Tour from Feb. 27, 2017.

Another one with the sunset and dolphin. From April 3, 2017.


sunset cruise avec dolphins

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One with coral Planting. From April 6, 2017.

And the most recent one, Last dinner on the deserted Island. From April 7, 2017.

Made in Chelsea is a big show now, leaving the show clearly seems like a bad move for any up and coming actor, but guess everything is worth it for true love. Well, at least in this case!