LSD Killed Mtvs Road Rules Star Danny Dias. Shocking Incident

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 07 Jun,2017 Updated on 10 Aug,2017

A news about Danny Dias of MTV’s ‘road rules’ season 13 is doing rounds on the internet.

 Yes, the news is true that Danny has died.

Source: NYdailynews

The reality show celebrity was involved in drugs and according to sources, this was the reason for his death.

Dias who was at his Brooklyn apartment along with his friend on Saturday had taken drugs. His friend stated that he saw Danny taking LSD and mushrooms.

 Immediately after that Danny acted like a freak and quickly rushed to his room which is said to be the last his friend saw him alive.

Source: USweekly

He left the room and called Danny two days later and he got no response from Danny. His friend became worried about him and then it was Monday when he went to check Dias and found him dead in the room.

Danny Dias appeared in 2004 season of Road Rules. 

The Update on the news:

Recently, Dias'death reason revealed and it was not suicide and he died naturally. According to E News, The medical officer confirmed that he had not used any lethal drugs during his last time. His fans knew the truth of his death after two months.