Love Islands Star Georgia Harrison Confrims Split From Sam Gowland Who Cheated On Her! Here's Who These Two are Dating After a Day of their Break-up!

In relationships, patch up and break up are like two wheels of the same cart, especially when you are a reality show couple. Similar is the hot cake between Love Island star Georgia Harrison and Sam Gowland, they have reportedly split recently. Why? Because, as per Harrison, one girl was not enough for Sam.

Was Georgia really serious about the relationship?And, Did Sam cheat on Georgia? Let's break it all down for you here!

Love Island's Georgia Harrison and Sam Gowland Confirm Split, Break-Up Story

Love Island's couple Georgia and Sam are no longer together! Yeah! The couple officially broke-up because as per Georgia, Sam cheated on her!

Georgia Harrison and Sam Gowland's relationship and romance started off when Sam got back to the ITV2 reality dating show Love Island with Mike. The couple could finally take their sprouting romance outside the house to the villa after Sam's reintroduction. 

Georgia Harrison and Sam Gowland in Love Island

Georgia Harrison and Sam Gowland in Love Island

Source: The Sun

Georgia and Gowland even went on a sweet romantic holiday together to Marbella! The former TOWIE star, Georgia Harrison, confirmed her split from Sam via tweet after Sam shared a picture of him with Kayleigh Morris, they were on a night out and the Love Island star had his hands around the Big Brother Morris in what looked like quite a flirty manner. 


Sam Gowland and Kayleigh Morris on a night out

Sam Gowland and Kayleigh Morris on a night out

Source: Instagram

After Sam shared a picture of him with Kayleigh Morris, Big Brother star on a night out, Georgia posted a heartbreaking message to her followers on Twitter that read

Would like to confirm that myself and sam are no longer together. Unfortunately for some men, one girl isn’t always enough.


Here's the tweet: 


Source: dailystar

Tweet of Georgia.

Fans took Georgia Harrison's side say she is “better off” without him. A follower even went as far as to say “More fool him! He was punching above his weight anyway!” Next added: “You deserve so much better honestly, you’re too good for Sam.”           


Source: mirror

Sam and Georgia.

Later she opposed the whole story clarifying Sam isn’t unfaithful to her and added

I’m not saying @SamGowland123 cheated… that’s not the case our relationship pretty much broke down a couple of weeks ago now but following on from his social media post last night I felt it’s best to announce we are both single.

That's contradictory to her last post. But, well, they are most probably better off without each other.

Source: thesun

The real relationship bar between Sam and Georgia.

Sam Gowland didn't stay silent, he confirmed Georgia's announcement by saying:

I can confirm that me and georgia aren’t together anymore, we haven’t been for a while now! Wish her all the best in the future x.

Furthermore, later he added: “Just to clarify! Still mates now, wish her all the best x”

Georgia Harrison Moving on from Sam Gowland

A day after announcing her break-up from Sam Gowland, Georgia was seen dancing alongside the Capital DJ in a club. Miss Harrison has openly shared her interest in dating Roman Kemp, the Capital DJ, saying:

He seems like such a lovely boy and I don’t think you come across that much these days especially in this industry, you can tell he’s a lovely person.

Expressing her will to date the DJ, Georgia Harrison further added:

Whether or not he would want to pursue something with me, I don’t know - I doubt it!

I would be very shocked if someone like him would want to go out with someone like me to be honest.

Girl has a serious crush! Let's hope they do end up dating each other. It'd be pretty interesting to witness. And on the other hand, Sam Gowland is busy partying with Kayleigh and his gang in France. Doesn't it seem too soon to move on? Well, whatever floats their boats. 

But, all this drama does raise a question, was Sam Gowland and Georgia Harrison's relationship real in the first place? Well, are any reality series couple real? We have our doubts!

Quick facts about Georgia Harrison and Sam Gowland:

  • Georgia Harrison was born in 1995.
  • Sam was born in 1996.
  • Sam was working as oil rig before he appeared in Love Island in 2017.


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