Louis CK Is Back In Business With Lots Of New Stuff for Stand Up Lovers

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 09 Apr,2017 Updated on 10 Sep,2017

The Washington DC born standup comedian Louis CK is back in business at the Saturday night live.

The two times Grammy award winner was back to host the famous Saturday night live on 8th of April.


He previously stated that he would never be invited again to host Saturday night live after his hard hitting comments on pedophilia and racism. Louis CK's free speech attitude has made many controversies as some people are not happy about what he satirically says.

His first monologue on the current season of Saturday night live was about racist animals. He simultaneously made conversations between a giraffe and a horse.

Part of his stand-up comedy, as they say, he was quoted saying "Hey horse! Look at my neck!"—before swerving right back into classic Louis C.K. territory.

"I'm thinking of buying a goat. So I can have a trash can I can make love to."