Long Island Judge Overturns Conviction Of A Man After He Spent 33 Years In Prison For The Crime He Didn't Commit

News by Joey Jordan Published on 23 May,2019 Updated on 23 May,2019

A New York Man, Who Spent 33 Years In Prison Proved Innocent For The Wrongful Conviction Of Murder Of A Girl

  • A New York man has been proved innocent of the wrongful conviction of murdering a 14-year-old girl for which he spent 33 years in prison.
  • The man, Keith Bush, was released from the prison in 2007 after he completed his time in prison.
  • After it was revealed that he was coerced into a false confession, the Long Island judge exonerated him of his charges.
  • Judge Anthony Senft said he couldn't return Keith's 33 years, however, said he could restore his presumption of innocence.

A New York man who spent over 30 years in prison over the murder of a 14-year-old girl turns out to be innocent. Keith Bush, who spent most of his life behind the bar, was released from prison in 2007 after he completed his time in prison.

The courtroom erupted in cheers when Judge Anthony Senft overturned Keith's conviction on Wednesday, 22nd May after the dramatic reversal by the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.

CAPTION: New York man, Keith Bush was exonerated of murder and rape charges after he spent 33 years in prison SOURCE:

Bush hugged his lawyer as Judge exonerated him of all the charges that included an attempted rape of a teenage girl in 1975. He and his lawyer had tried several times to get him absolved after DNA discovered on girl's body was revealed not to be his.

But, he was proved not guilty only after the Suffolk County officials were proved to have coerced Bush into a false confession. The Suffolk County DA Timothy Sini said John Jones was a more probable suspect after Keith was exonerated. He further added the suspect is dead by now, however, in 1975, he admitted being at the murder scene.

Bush, 62, was just 17 when he was arrested on suspicion of the killing of Sherese Watson, 14, who was found strangled and stabbed near the house. He was at a house party in North Bellport when police detained him.

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